The President Of El Salvador Breaks Into The Military With Parliament To Force The Approval Of a Security Plan

Escorted by soldiers with assault rifles and by agents of the National Civil Police (PNC), the president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, has stormed this Sunday in the Salvadoran Parliament to demand deputies the approval of a controversial loan to finance a security plan against gangs, calling even the popular insurrection. Early this Sunday, a strong security device, composed of military and police, was deployed at the headquarters of the Legislative Assembly, where thousands of people chanting “Insurrection, insurrection, insurrection!” Bukele began an extraordinary session on a loan to finance the third phase of the Territorial Control Plan, launched in June last year, but the assembly could not be possible due to the lack of quorum, since only 20 deputies out of the 84 that make up the Parliament were presented.Bukele offered a prayer from the seat of the president of Congress, Mario Ponce – who did not attend the call – and then left the legislative hall before the impossibility of establishing the session, and then addressed a crowd that was waiting for him at one of the entrances of Parliament. “The deputies today have broken control constitutional not to come to the Legislative Assembly, they are those who disobey a mandate of the Council of Ministers, they are not the Constitutional Chamber (of the Supreme Court of Justice) to interpret the Magna Carta, “said the ruler to those They went to the headquarters of the Congress.

A soldier is guarding this Sunday inside the Blue Room of the Legislative Palace, in San Salvador (El Salvador).



The president stressed that if on Monday the deputies, convened in a plenary session, “do not approve the loan, the Council of Ministers will re-quote them and, if they still do not approve it, the people must implement article 87 of the Constitution “. Article said” recognizes the right of the people to the insurrection “, to” restore the constitutional order altered by the transgression of the norms related to the established form of government or the political system, or by serious violations of the rights enshrined in the Constitution “. The Government attributes to the Territorial Control Plan the killing of homicides since June 2019, the month in which Bukele assumed the Presidency and in which the initiative was launched. The opposition accuses him of promoting a coup d’etat. General of the opposition Farabundo Martí Front for National Liberation (FMLN), Oscar Ortiz, has accused Bukele of fomenting a coup d’etat and points out that this would bring “serious d collateral years “.” If you believe that confrontation and coups do not bring serious collateral damage you are wrong … we come from a long and bitter (armed) conflict to go back, “Ortiz said during a press conference Calls for dialogue The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) has called for dialogue and “full respect for democratic institutions to guarantee the rule of law, including the independence of branches of public power.” Amnesty International (AI) Director for the Americas, Erika Guevara Rosas, has condemned the “ostentatious” military and police deployment in the Legislative Assembly and has pointed out that this “reminds us of the darkest times in the history of El Salvador and issues an international alert on the future of human rights in the country. “Likewise, the European Union has called for respect for the independence of the institutions in El Sal Vador and has called on the Executive and Legislative bodies to resolve in a “satisfactory and peaceful manner” the situation generated by the lack of approval of funds for security.