The Provocation Of a Mexican Airline To U.S.A. For Its New Policy Of Flights To Cuba

Interjet takes advantage of the ban on making flights to Cuba, which the United States imposed on North American airlines (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Interjet, the 3rd most popular airline in Mexico, determined to make daily flights to the José Martí International Airport, in Cuba, and offer a total of 2,100 seats to passengers departing from the city of Mérida, Yucatán to Havana.

The resolution to increase the travel discount is recorded a few hours now that the 1st magistrate Donald Trump banned US airlines from flying to the various destinations in Cuba, with the exception of the international airport located in Havana , in order to harden the trade embargo against the island dated from six decades ago


Interjet Only operated flights to the island on Thursdays and Sundays. So that you will have daily flights, the reduction will increase significantly and will reach more than two thousand seats available for travelers who are traveling or coming from Havana.

On October 25, it transpired that Mike Pompeo, secretary of state of the United States, asked the Department of Transportation to suspend the permits that JetBlue and American Airlines have to fly to the provinces of Santa Clara, Holguín and Camagüey, from December.

Regular flights of airlines 🛫 from # USU 🇺🇲 to # Cuba 🇨🇺 (except La #Habana) are suspended.
The #Trump Administration continues to harm the Cuban people, the Cuban inhabitants of #EEUU and their own airlines #AmericanAirlines and #JetBlue‼ ️
🔊 # NoMoreLock

– Sara (@SaraSanchezD) October 25, 2019

Most of the Cuban-Americans use American Airlines and JetBlue flights to visit family members who reside in cities far away from Havana.


Among the immediate consequences of the US bans, which will be effective in a single 45-day period, Underlines the Resolution of the Cuban state airline of Aviations to suspend its flights to Mexico, Venezuela and other Caribbean destinations.

JetBlue issued a part in which it accepts the flight bans and reveals that it already analyzes the magnitude of the impact of canceling flights to Camaguey, Holguin and Santa Clara.

"We plan to operate in full compliance with the unprecedented policy regarding the scheduled air service between the US and Cuba and we will begin working with our government and commercial partners to understand the full impact that this change will have on our customers and operations." sustains the North American company that offers low cost services.

American Airlines, In turn, Likewise anticipated the update of the frequency and destination of flights to Cuba.

"We will continue to adhere to federal law, working with the administration, and updating our policies and procedures in relation to travel to Cuba as necessary," highlights the part that made known the US airline that operates scheduled flights in a wide national and international routes network.

President Donald Trump decides to reverse the opening policy with Cuba promoted by Barack Obama, After six decades of embargo (Photo: EFE)


The limitations of the Trump administration have the goal of sanctioning the government of Cuba for the "repression of its own people, apart from its continued support" for the government of Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela, in agreement with the versions published in the American press.

In this way, the US does not only reverse the opening promoted by its predecessor Barack Obama, but intensifies the economic blockade that applies against the Caribbean island Since 1962, with measures that have affected tourism, investment and supply of fuel in Cuba.

Although the Trump administration has been determined to reduce the revenues of the Cuban government and force it to separate knots with Venezuela, there is no evidence to demonstrate the effectiveness of these measures.

While U.S.A. banned US cruises from visiting Cuba, sanctioned oil ships that moved oil from Venezuela to Cuba, and left lawsuits against foreign companies that benefited from the use of properties confiscated from Americans or US naturalized Cubans; Cuban security and intelligence services continue with the arrest and harassment of dissidents. Also, the Human Rights Defender Groups comment that freedom of expression, assembly and other rights remain very restricted in each and every province of the island.


It is a Mexican family business. Founded and chaired by Miguel Alemán Magnani, grandson of former president Miguel Alemán Valdés and son of the former governor of Veracruz, Miguel Alemán Velasco.

Interjet is the 3rd largest airline in Mexico, after Aeromexico and Volaris. He began operations in Cuba in 2009 and, of course, has transferred some 22,000 passengers to Havana.


The video of an apparent aerial kidnapping that unleashed social media panic was a drill, Interjet said.

Lady Bomba and a companion came separately from Interjet for her comment about dropping an explosive in the Zocalo

Interjet flatly denied being in “technical bankruptcy”

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