The Reasons Why ‘Back To The Future’ Is Hardly Done

Long before video calling, drones, or even 3D glasses were our daily bread, there were a couple of people who predicted their arrival more than 30 years ago. Thanks to their time machine, Marty MacFly and Dr. Brown, the protagonists of Back to the Future, surprised us with some technological advances that at that time, 1985, were unthinkable. Much fun and entertainment were the ingredients of a film that, however, was about to not see the light. What for us was an unforgettable story that marked our childhood and in some cases adolescence 35 years ago, for some producers and big shots of the time it was a “dirty”, “incestuous” project, as well as a real “madness”. How wrong were they … Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox in ‘Back to the Future’ (© 1985 Universal) More Why? Well, for various reasons. According to Bob Gale, producer and co-writer of the film, “It was rejected 40 times by each renowned studio and on more than one occasion. We would return when the address was changed, ”he confessed in an interview with CNN a while ago. It seems that the story did not finish convincing the supposed experts in predicting what can and cannot work. What an eye. “They told us: ‘those types of time travel movies don’t make money’ or also: ‘it’s too sweet, we need something more obscene Porky’ type. Why don’t you take it to Disney? ’” They came to propose. Said and done. They did not think twice and knocked on the door of the famous children’s film producer. If the script seemed so innocent to some, maybe this great dream factory would make room for it. They told him so many times that both Bob and Robert Zemeckis enthusiastically knocked on the door of the head of titles such as Splash or Willow in the land of charm. But the same way they opened it, they slammed the door in the face. “You’re crazy? This is serious? We can’t make a movie like that, you have a boy and his mother in a car, it’s incest! This is Disney, it is too dirty for us! ”They expressed to them almost offended. Having seen what they did, they made the odd change in the script, in fact there were two versions, but they did not eliminate those parts that had been reproached in the studios. The film was a journey through time and the scene between mother and son has its reason for being. That was the central idea and they were not going to give it up. But as in the movies, there is always someone good who can get you out of trouble. In this case, that angel fallen from heaven was Steven Spielberg, with whom they had previously worked on projects not exactly very successful. They were afraid to take risks and that it would be another failure. But his instinct and, above all, the insistence of Steven, always loyal and at the foot of the canyon as a partner, convinced them to jump into the pool and get to work. Instead Steven did not direct the film but endorsed them with his producer film Amblin Entertainment, one of the arms of Universal, whose titles include the unforgettable ET, The Gremlins or Who Framed Roger Rabbit ?. Once under the threads of this great entertainment machine, the script underwent small and successful changes. For example, instead of calling the adorable and crazy scientist Professor Brown, the name of Doc Brown was chosen, so it would be easier for the little ones in the house to identify him. In the original script this character had a chimpanzee as a pet, but the idea did not quite fit them and they turned to the man’s best friend, the dog, the rest is written in the books of film history. Its landing in theaters was a bombshell becoming the most successful premiere of 1985 with 346 million euros ($ 381 million) in revenue. The budget to do it was € 17 million ($ 19 million), so the accounts come out and with many zeros added. Read moreThe film is a classic from the 80s that continues to unite families in the living room every time it is televised. It was so successful that despite the constant proposals to carry out a remake with a more modernized version and new actors, things did not end up taking hold. There are many years of rumors that haunt that possibility, but Gale has settled them. When something has been so powerful and is a classic of celluloid, a reboot is doomed to failure. Michael J. Fox couldn’t do it, who wants to see a Back to the Future movie without him? Not me, of course, ”he bluntly told CNN. From that first installment of Back to the Future many things emerged, for example, the scooter became a little bit of a fall coat in that first stage of the 80s, and the sneaker brands put the batteries to launch new models , not flying, but they did make us run at high speed. And how to forget the DeLorean! That car that even had television and that already made us presage what cars would bring us 30 years later.Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox in ‘Back to the Future’ (© Universal Studios – All Rights Reserved) MoreThe revolution was such that it It started as a ‘let’s see’ and ended up becoming one of the most successful trilogies in the history of the seventh art. This first installment was followed by a more futuristic second that showed us what the world was like in 2015 and a third that taught us the Wild West in all its heyday. They all filled the rooms and made money but none like the first. That famous final scene between Michael J. Fox and the great Christopher Lloyd will forever be engraved on our retinas and, why not say it, on our hearts. How many of those who did not bet on this story will have regretted not doing so. Spielberg once again had an eye and knew how to see where others only saw money. And we couldn’t be more grateful to him. This is the cinema, when you least expect it the hare jumps and the ball is thrown. This mass phenomenon also had its Oscar for Best Sound Editing, but the greatest prize of all was the incredible reception of an audience of all ages and nationalities. Almost 35 years later, there are many who keep yelling and remembering phrases like “McFly, is anyone there?” or “Back to the future!” If there is still someone absent-minded who hasn’t seen it, now is the time to get down to business. You will not regret.More stories that may interest you: