The Regenerative Medicine Techniques That Will Prevent You From Going Through The Operating Room

The Regenerative Medicine Techniques That Will Prevent You From Going Through The Operating Room

Until now, the only solution to treat many ailments and trauma injuries was to enter the operating room. In recent years, less invasive techniques and treatments have been developed that are giving very good results and with which the quality of life of many patients has significantly improved.

Revolutionary treatments

The inclusion and management of regenerative medicine treatmentshas caused a revolutionary change, has avoided countless surgeries and has led to a better quality of life for patients in a lasting way over time.


These treatments are sustainable, reproducible in different people and in a very high percentage they give very good results and satisfaction to patients.

Injuries or pathologies that a few years ago could not be remedied without the use of a scalpel, can now be solved by applying much less invasive techniques.

Regenerative medicine is a particularly useful technique for recovering injuries B.RAMON

Where to undergo these therapies in Palma

With more than 30 years of specialization in the area of ​​Traumatology and Orthopedic Surgery, the COT Palma team includes regenerative medicine techniques to facilitate recovery from injuries and surgeries.

In addition, the clinic has specialized units in Sports Medicine, Physiotherapy, Pain Unit and Arthroscopic Surgery, among others.

There are three areas into which the work of COT Palma is divided: Degenerative processes, tumor processes and trunk and limb deformations. They also have a rehabilitation and physiotherapy service, which complements the preparation and recovery of patients.

Regenerative medicine is an especially useful technique for recovering from injuries. B.RAMON

Regenerative medicine: when is it useful?

As explained by the Doctor Marcelo SistiSpecialist in Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology and co-founder of the clinic, “This type of medicine is largely unknown to patients, but it allows the application of sophisticated and non-invasive techniques to improve the quality of life in many cases.”

Dr Sisti explains that the regenerative medicine It is an especially useful technique to recover injuries in poorly vascularized structures such as ligaments, tendons, cartilage or fascia. This therapy is used, especially, in chronic injuries (tendinopathies, pubalgia, tennis elbow, cartilage degeneration, etc.)

It can also be used to recover muscle injuries, bone regeneration and to speed up the recovery process after surgery.

Regenerative medicine treatments have a high success rate. B.RAMON

The results of regenerative medicine treatment

“We can obtain more and more benefits with simpler techniques, which are no less sophisticated for that, since we must bear in mind that these are cutting-edge techniques with a great deal of research and scientific study behind them”, underlines Dr. Sisti

The patient who is treated with regenerative medicine techniques, such as plasma rich in growth factors, is greatly benefited by these treatments that reverse a low degree of severity and a low degree of trauma, thanks to its injectable and non-injectable characteristics. invasive.

Why choose the COT group in Mallorca

In COT Groupa comprehensive treatment of the patient is carried out in all its areas, being specialists in surgery of the spine, upper limbs (shoulders, elbow, wrist and hand) as well as hip, knee, ankle and foot.

What differentiates the COT Group from others is the treatment from any type of surgical or non-surgical solution, so that the patient who comes to the consultation can be fully treated for any ailment of the musculoskeletal system by applying the simplest and most sophisticated techniques.

Dr Sisti recommends going to COT to “patients who have ailments or injuries, and seek a comprehensive, complete and professional approach based on the latest medical technologies.”

Also patients who want to avoid the surgical process and consider non-invasive treatments, of course, this is valued according to the case, but it is important to know that there are other alternatives to the traditional ones.

At the COT Palma clinic they offer you alternatives to surgery for traumatological injuries. B.RAMON

What distinguishes COT from other trauma practices?

COT Group has been working for years to provide integrated patient care in all pathologies from the beginning to the end of treatment, applying different techniques and treatments, from regenerative medicine to implantation of prostheses.

It has a multidisciplinary team, not only local but national, with experts in interventions of a more particular nature and who come to our center to attend to patients, preventing them from having to travel to a large city on the peninsula.

What therapies apply?

From rehabilitation, guided exercises, different types of infiltrations, surgical treatments with the different specialists of the group and in addition, we have the collaboration of very outstanding specialists from other areas to perform very sophisticated surgical interventions that are not usually performed on the island.

Among alternative therapies, regenerative medicine It provides a window of improvement over a long period of time for patients with significant tendon, muscle or joint damage to try to avoid surgical treatment.

Currently it can be said that the COT group covers all alterations and conditions, both traumatic, sports and degenerative, such as joint, tendon and muscle wear, both with the application of regenerative treatments and surgical interventions.

The COT Palma Clinic is located at Paseo Mallorca, 19. B.RAMON

Paseo Mallorca, 19, Bajo, 07011 Palma de Mallorca – Balearic Islands

(+34) 971.75.93.68 and 623.30.59.04

[email protected]



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