The Rivalry Between Ryan Reynolds And Hugh Jackman Continues

If there is a rivalry in the world of cinema that makes us aware of social networks, that is that of Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds. There is no post they publish that does not serve to trolley again. We have seen them insulting and laughing at each other through ridiculous Christmas sweaters, ironic congratulations and even surprise appearances in interviews and events in general. And it is that these two interpreters, who worked together for the first time in 2009 when Reynolds gave life to a more sweetened version of Wade Wilson / Deadpool in X-Men origins: Wolverine (although his obsession with making his own character movie had begun in 2004), they have moved the rivalry of their Marvel characters to real life with a very special mischief. And here is the last one … because Ryan Reynolds has done it again … Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds on December 24, 2019 in Los Angeles (Splash News; Elder Ordonez; Gtres) More Last Tuesday, March 3, Hugh Jackman celebrated on social networks the third anniversary of the premiere of Logan, the magnificent final delivery of Wolverine that served as a conclusion to the story and the final farewell of the actor to the claws of adamantium. Well, it wasn’t even half a day that Ryan Reynolds was already responding: “3 years ago, on a day like this, Logan was released. Thank you for the many (and I really say MANY) years of sweat, steamed chicken and the character of a life ”tweeted the Australian next to a promotional image of the film showing his naked torso – with bare muscles – and the famous claws. The tweet received thousands of responses – also on Instagram with 7 images showing off to the fullest – and among them was Ryan Reynolds.The Deadpool interpreter posted a Twitter video of a Logan figure impaled around. “Has it been 3 years?” he wondered next to the video. “I know how to celebrate it.” However, Jackman was not far behind and replied with a single word “Jealous?” This joke adds to the dozens of irony that fill their social networks by trolling each other. Already in January of last year, Ryan Reynolds challenged Jackman to perform the Ten Years Challenge, that viral meme that compared a recent image with one of a decade ago. The challenge went viral, beginning in Hollywood and then becoming a mass phenomenon. And Reynolds’s was hilarious, posting a picture of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine a decade ago, with the character’s grave in Logan aside. is that this viral rivalry has been entertaining fans for many years. To this is also added the story of the Christmas sweater, the one that Ryan Reynolds took cheated to a dinner with Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal in December 2018. The idea was that everyone would wear ridiculous Christmas sweaters, but Reynolds was the only one who turned and the photo It went viral. And a year later, Reynolds recovered it by making a Christmas video with the power of the sweater for a campaign to help sick children. In the video he showed pictures of fans who dressed him and Hugh Jackman with the sweater on. Even Reynolds – who is usually the one who jokes – celebrated the best friend’s day with two photos next to Jackman but congratulating Jake Gyllenhaal! Spent jokes with the FaceApp, they have carried out a promotional campaign together and joked continuously but always with the rivalry between Deadpool and Wolverine as a reference. What will surprise us next time? More stories that may interest you: