The Romance With a Mexican For Which Tino De Parchís Left His Wife

40 years ago the life of Tino Fernández changed when he became the red card of the musical phenomenon ‘Parchís’, a children’s group that with 20 albums and 7 films marked a generation; but this 2020 his biography continues to transform while the singer seeks happiness with a Mexican woman.Tino Fernández. Photo: MezcalEntMásY is that after 27 years of marriage, he decided to leave his wife Eva because he fell in love with Mexican singer Alexa, a member of the Los Fabulosos 90s group. The news has surprised and scandalized many, but the Spaniard is willing to face all the consequences after his unexpected crush.Tino had already returned to the searchlights because in June 2019 a documentary about Parcheesi was released on Netflix, for which Alexa congratulated him on social networks. The one known for being ‘the red card’ read the message and immediately inquired into the profile of the singer. “I look at the profile, it catches my attention, and knowing that I had had a connection with Yolanda Ventura (a member of Parchís ), I quickly asked her if she was a ‘freaky’, but she gave me good references. It continued until September when I came to rehearsals of ‘Tour Tour’ and that’s when days after her birthday we went to dinner and met. dinner, the expectations that I had created with the Instagram profile are confirmed a bit, “the singer told ‘Ventaneando’.Cupido had time to make his own with Alexa and Tino because they both participated in’ Tour Tour Rock Rock ‘, a concept that brought together members of groups of the 80s and 90s, such as Flans, Parcheesi and Timbiriche. And it should be mentioned that Alexa debuted in 1996 in ‘Always on Sunday’ with the PINN group, a female trio that did not last. Now, Tino appears as soon as the television program approaches him to show off his love for Alexa, and also to explain his controversial situation. “If in 27 years of relationship there had never been anything at all, this time fortunately I had the joy of finding Lorena (Alexa’s real name) that complements my life and makes me happy. Those things I have commented to Eva and I say, I want to know where I’m going. I don’t know, I don’t know if we’ll be two years or 20, or two weeks, I have to make her feel everything I love her every day and I respect her and I love her so she wants to be with me, “he told ‘Ventaneando’.About his marriage, the Spanish noted: “We are in divorce proceedings, we have the residence for sale, we are taking the steps that must be taken. It has been difficult, not only with her, but with my own family; and because Eva is also a great woman and a good person who evidently had made herself loved by my family and friends, so all this that moves so many things, needs time. Time will put us all in our place and it is already “.” I understand that you have created controversy, because later from a marriage of so long, many people who have torn their clothes; I feel it, fundamentally for Eva, who is the one who in life would like to do more damage to her account. I have tried to explain how things have gone, in real time what was happening to me, I have tried to be honest. And for the rest of the people, I’m very sorry, but I’m 52 years old; This happens tremendously because four days ago I was jumping with a red overalls and a fringe that one, and happiness is so scarce, that when you find it you want to perpetuate it every day, and there I am, “he said sincerely. Read more But his love has provoked harsh criticism that question Alexa if in a few years she is willing to take care of Tino during her old age. “I deleted some. It’s like inviting someone to your house to insult you … why have them? It has not reached the degree of ‘threats’; nobody came to steal anything, we are totally free of decisions and love is free. They have been strong and unpleasant insults. Age is the least, I see the soul that complements me and that today makes me a woman, “he said to ‘Drop the soup’. The truth is that his thing seems to be serious and during the holidays, Tino took her to Barcelona, ​​Spain, to introduce her to her family. “I was very afraid. He wanted me to see his life, that I knew his people. Obviously here in automatic my family have opened the doors since day one. Leaving was wonderful, we had dinner for the New Year. His dad told me ‘Welcome to the family’, that was wonderful for me, because it’s his parents and everything that has to do with Tino I already love him, “the singer told ‘Ventaneando’. Only time will confirm if Tino took The right decision to leave everything behind to live a love for the Mexican.