The Rule Of 2 The 2 Pizzas ’that Helped Jeff Bezos Become The Richest Man In The World

This pizza could prevent you from organizing meetings that result in a waste of time.

Creative Vix / Pexels

Amazon is one of the most valuable companies today, in addition to its founder, Jeff Bezos, has already become the richest man in the world. As expected, all this success is due to a very efficient business model, which makes Amazon grow more and more.


An element that increases the efficiency in the administration of this gigantic company, is a simple rule that applies Bezos in their meetings, and that curiously has to do with the Pizzas.

The CEO uses this rule to ensure that all his meet ings are as productive as possible, since it is well known that many of these meetings can result in real waste of time.

The rule that Bezos uses is called: ‘the 2 pizzas rule’. Basically, it is that you only have to hold meetings in which it is possible to feed the attendees with two pizzas. If the group of people who go to the meeting is larger, then it is better to suspend it.

The fact is that Bezos thinks that, if there are such a large number of people that it is not possible to feed them with only two pizzas, then they will start talking to each other on different topics and not much can be done.

On the other hand, in small groups, it is easier to reach agreements and alternatives to solve problems and set goals.

So you know, if you want to increase efficiency in your workplace, you might consider implementing this rule and maybe one day you will succeed as big as Bezos.

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