The "sausage War" Between The UK And The EU Breaks Into The G7 Summit

There are three weeks left before controls must be put in place on chilled meats – including sausages – entering the island of Ireland from the island of Great Britain. But Boris Johnson has already said that he is willing to extend that six-month grace period from July 1 unilaterally. It is one more of the unilateral breaches by London of the Brexit agreements that the British Government signed with the EU.

The key is that Johnson insisted on a greater disconnection from the United Kingdom which, by the Good Friday Peace Accords, forced the border into the Irish Sea, since the border between the two Irish can only be soft or invisible.


But of course that has Irish unionists, allies of Johnson’s conservatives, on fire and is leading to tensions between Irish communities reminiscent of the worst nightmares of a few decades ago.

“President Biden has been very clear about his strong belief in the Good Friday Agreement as the basis for peaceful coexistence in Northern Ireland,” White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters. aboard Air Force One: “Any step that endangers or undermines it would not be welcomed by the United States.” What Sullivan did not do was specify what Johnson’s actions endanger the peace, Reuters reports.

Such is Biden’s concern for Northern Ireland that Yael Lempert, America’s top diplomat to Britain, issued a formal diplomatic complaint to London for “inflaming” tensions, reported The Times.

“He is not issuing threats or ultimatums, he is simply going to convey his deeply held belief that we must uphold and protect this protocol,” Sullivan said.

This Saturday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson decided to threaten, for his part, to take further unilateral actions. “I have spoken with some of our friends who seem not to understand that the United Kingdom is a single country, a single territory. I have to put that into their heads,” he told Sky News, and assured that he will not hesitate to apply Article 16 of the protocol, which provides for one of the parties to take action if it considers that the pact is causing “serious economic, social or environmental difficulties.” An article that the EU threatened to apply in January due to AstraZeneca’s supply problems.

“I think we can fix it, but our friends and partners in the European Union must understand that we will do whatever it takes,” Johnson said: “I think the protocol can work if it is applied in a reasonable way. It is not a question. just chilled meat or sausages, all kinds of impediments are being lifted. ” Asked if the conflict could end in a trade war with the EU, the British prime minister assured that he sees it “highly unlikely”.

Community sources have explained that the meeting in the G7 between the British Prime Minister with the Presidents of the European Council, Charles Michel, and the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, focused entirely on the implementation of the Northern Ireland protocol. . “Both Presidents recalled that the Brexit protocol and agreement allowed us to square the circle. We understand the need for solutions to ensure the flow of goods and control checks between the UK and the Single Market. [en el que está Irlanda del Norte pero no Gran Bretaña]”, explain the sources:” All Member States are aligned on this and it was clearly reiterated during the meeting. It is necessary to tone down the rhetoric and actively seek the solutions found in the protocol. The presidents asked the Joint Committee [entre Reino Unido y la UE] to work towards that goal. “



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