The Second Daughter Of Teresa Rodríguez And José María González Is Born "Kichi"

This Saturday Candela was born, the second daughter of Teresa Rodríguez and José María González “Kichi”, spokesperson for Adelante Andalucía in the community parliament and mayor of Cádiz respectively. This has been communicated by the councilor in a tweet on his personal account

This Friday, Teresa Rodríguez (38 years old) in the same social network had words for her daughter. “Candela, you’re coming, I’ll be waiting for you on the other side of the skin,” he said, while sharing a song by Tànit Navarro, from the Nueve Lunas album, entitled precisely like this: ‘On the other side of the skin’.


The couple, who just a year and a half ago had their first daughter (Aurora), has not been slow to receive the congratulations of their political adversaries such as Susana Díaz, general secretary of the Andalusian PSOE, or Juan Marín, vice president of the Andalusian government and leader of Ciudadanos en the autonomous community.

Adelante Andalucía sources confirm that Teresa Rodríguez is going to take all maternity leave. It is not yet known who will replace her as spokesperson for the paralmentary group, but the person who replaced Rodríguez in her duties on the previous occasion was Deputy Ángela Aguilera. The same sources ensure that the mayor of Cadiz (44 years old) will also ask for paternity leave.



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