The Secret That Hides The Brad Pitt Scene In Thelma & Louise

His pecs and chocolate tablet as an abdomen catapulted him to fame thanks to the sensual scene he starred in Ridley Scott’s movie, Thelma & Louise. A very young Brad Pitt just appeared a few minutes, enough to never forget him. Almost three decades later his torso is still in very good health, as we have seen in Once Upon a Time in … Hollywood, for which he has just won an Oscar as Best Supporting Actor. What few know is that behind that minute of Brad’s glory with Geena Davis who launched him to stardom lies a secret that has seen the light years later. Brad Pitt and Geena Davis in Thelma & Louise (MGM) .MoreThe boy certainly pointed out ways. He had all the ingredients to shine in Hollywood, a rebellious physicist like James Dean, a smile from which they removed the feeling and a lot of raw material to become a race actor. However, in the famous bed scene next to Thelma, that married and bored woman from her marriage, Brad needed a little help to make himself see more. He was handsome yes, but still a little thin, is what youth has, divine treasure. As the young man was not very hair on his chest or his body was still cured in the gym, he had to spray his forehead with water so that his pecs looked brighter, sweaty and, why not say, also more juicy. result was matriculation of honor. The image of Brad shirtless, with the dryer in his hand and white cowboy hat was forever etched in our retinas. And so, without eating or drinking it, in just a few minutes, the beginner found his place in the mecca of cinema. Although it is true that the kid worked it out, fate and luck, let’s face it, had a lot to do with it. Getting that part was not a path of roses, we even dare to say that he was about to remain composed and without Thelma. It turns out that despite his blond hair and clear eyes, the future promise of cinema was not the favorite candidate for Thelma & Louise, not at all. It is true that the test was done divinely but was not among the first on the list. “In his first reading, Brad Pitt did very well: he had a James Dean point, a very authentic accent and a grim charm,” Becky Aikman wrote in his book Off the cliff: how the making of Thelma & Louise drove Hollywood to the edge. “It seemed to Ridley Scott that he was very young and they passed on to other candidates,” he picked up in his pages. The British filmmaker loved William Baldwin, yes or yes. But the actor ended up rejecting the role after receiving another offer that seemed more appetizing in the movie Flares. According to the book, actors such as Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey Jr and even George Clooney, Pitt’s friend and soul mate at Ocean’s eleven and their subsequent deliveries, attended the casting. But what is for one, nobody takes it from you. So Pitt took the part and embroidered it, well he did. Although his role was that of a rogue without principles that sleeps with the protagonist and steals him to the last penny, the public did not take it into account and stayed with the image of sexy boy and erotic fantasy. The career of this Oklahoma actor shot up like foam but always with the ‘handsome on duty’ label behind him. His first cinematographic proposals included, almost as a rule, at least one moment paying homage to the mountain body of this man, named as the sexiest according to the prestigious PEOPLE magazine. It was so that he delighted the spectators in tapes such as Legends of passion, Interview with the vampire, Seven or Do you know Joe Black ?, among others, mostly an ode to this kind of God of Olympus of almost perfect physique. Read more His powerful appearance has been a kind of burden that has accompanied him all these years. As often happens in these cases when you have a pretty face, the effort to prove yourself also has to be double. The sexy sign is fine for a while, but when you base your career more on that than on talent, things can get tired. Pitt has lived it in his own meats until relatively recently. Despite being nominated several times for the golden statuette by renowned films such as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Moneyball that demonstrate the maturity and evolution of the artist, the award resisted him. It was a kind of curse to which he had become accustomed. He had to turn 56 and make a Quentin Tarantino movie, perhaps not the best of his career, to finally hear his name on the stage of the most important film awards . They say that good is expected, so Brad was happy, grateful and eager to continue making the best cinema of his life. His eyes, his smile and body of ten, what are we going to fool ourselves for, are always pleasant to see, but none of that would make sense without his acting quality and his good coping with the cameras. So we are glad that Don Oscar finally sleeps at home and we expect more material from Pitt on the big screen. It is always a luxury for the senses.More stories that may interest you:



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