The Secretary of State says that the Russian intervention in the most serious cyber attack against the United States is "clear"

The Secretary Of State Says That The Russian Intervention In The Most Serious Cyber Attack Against The United States Is “clear”

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the Russian authorship of the most serious cyber attack against the United States is “fairly clear”. He is the first senior government official to publicly link the Kremlin to the attack, while President Donald Trump is silent on failures to protect computer networks from both the government and the private sector.

It’s unclear what the hackers were looking for, but experts say it could be nuclear secrets, weapons blueprints, investigations related to the COVID-19 vaccine, and information on government and industry leaders.

“We are still unraveling exactly what it is all about, and I am sure that part of it will remain secret,” Pompeo said in a radio interview Friday night. Suffice it to say that a significant effort was made to use third-party software to enter code into US government systems, and now it seems like into corporate and private systems and corporations and governments around the world. It was a very significant effort and I think now we can say quite clearly that it was the Russians who embarked on this activity. “


Russia has said it “had nothing to do” with the hack.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Brian Morgenstern told reporters Friday that National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien has met with the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and intelligence agencies to determine how to mitigate the attack.

Democratic leaders of four lower house committees who received confidential reports from the government said in a statement that they were left “with more questions than answers.”

“Government officials were not willing to let us know the scale of the attack and the identities of the victims,” ​​they said.

What is extraordinary about this hack is its magnitude: between March and June, 18,000 entities were infected with malicious code that entered on the horse of a popular network management software from the company So0larWinds, based in Austin, Texas.

It will take months to evict these skilled hackers from the government networks they have been involved in since March.



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