The Shibao Giants Celebrate Their 26th Anniversary Today

The Shibao Giants Celebrate Their 26th Anniversary Today

“Some people are not loyal to you. They are loyal only to what they need from you, but when their needs change, so do their loyalties”Anonymous”

October 25th was a historic day for San Francisco de Macoris and its Giants, with the official acceptance to the Fall/Winter circuit on April 15th, 1996. In their short 26-year journey, they were Colts, Chickens and Giants. Northeast of Shivao and a giant. First President Sikio Ngu de la Rosa.

On 25 October 1996, under the direction of ‘Orgullo del Jaya’ Julián Javier, the group named Higantes del Nordeste made its debut as a professional baseball team in the Dominican League, defeating Aguilas Sibaenhas 5-1 at Cibao Stadium. I was.


Ramon Caraballo singled against Jose Parra in his first at-bat. This is the first time for a young franchise player to celebrate his 26th anniversary by hosting the Toros del Este today.

This welcome clash victory at the Ridom was scored by first-time home runs by Efjrín Valdes and Juan Espinal.

The members of Gigantes del Nordeste for the 1996-97 tournament are:

Manager: Julian Javier.

Receivers: Cesar Debarres, Carlos Mota, Rogelio Nuñez, Francisco Cabrera.

Infielders: Ramon Caraballo, Fausto Cruz, Sergio Cairo, Franklin Parra, Tilson Brito, Luis Garcia, Teulis Olivarez, Placido Polanco, Santiago Henry, Juan Espinal, Alan Ginter, Juan Guerrero , Enoel Polanco, Ruben Santana, Ruben Dario Martinez, Aramis Ramirez and Eddie Lantigua.

Gardeners: Manuel González, Pedro Santana, Lorenzo de Cruz, Rodolfo Mendes, Steve Peguez, Aldo Pecorelli, Alfonso Mota, Miguel García, Jesús Campo.

Pitchers: Efrain Valdes, Jose G. Garcia, Dario Perez, Juan Aracena, Franklin Nunez, Miguel Batista, Apollinar Garcia, Jesús Sanchez, César Jimenez, Delfino Mejia, Marino Castillo, Franklin N. Martinez, Ramón Magnón, Hercilio de Leon, Russ Swann, Steve Olsen, Jim Latiefe, Johanie Jimenez, Osvaldo Martinez, Santiago Morillo Mo Sanford, Jose Cano, Steve Olsen.

Since June 25, 2013, Los Gigantes del Cibao has been acquired by Skanuss Consulting, SRL, a commercial company headed by brothers Samir and Héctor José Rizek.

Congratulations to this young and thriving franchise that Dominican baseball is proud of.

days like today

In 1955, the Estrelas Orientals defeated Aguilas Tibaenhas 7×0, with American pitcher Law Ren covering the entire route. He accepted 8 hits and 2 strikeouts and recorded his zeroes for his 9th in Trujillo his first at his stadium.

In 1956, Aguilas Sibaenhas third baseman Julián Javier hit a double to give Aguilas Sibaenhas a 2–1 win over Leones del Esguido. The game was Javier’s debut for the ridom, as well as his Arrow’s debut for Felipe Rojas, who went 3–0 playing in left field.

In 1959, in San Pedro de Macoris, the “Municipal Stadium” was inaugurated at a cost of RD$1.5 million. The so-called Father of the Nation, Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina, threw the first pitch at the first modern stadium in the Eastern Region. The Chibaeñas Eagles won his opening match 7×3. The first hits came from Victor Ramírez’s at-bat, “El Orgullo de Nivaje” and Dick Stewart’s first home run, “El Peje Cajón”, both of which were for the Mamay team.

In 1968, Tigres del Risei’s Santiago Guzmán whitewashed Aguilas del Cibao 3–0 at the start of the 1968–69 championship.

In 1973, Elvio Jiménez connected with an eighth RBI hit that brought Teodoro Martinez to the rubber, giving Lissi a 5–4 victory over Aguilas del Cibao in front of 6,535 fans. rice field.

In 1989, the Estrellas de Oriente, with right-hander Curt Schilling on the mound, pitched five innings and allowed two hits as the Greens beat Raisey 6–0 with Tetero Vargas. Birthdate: Pedro Jaime Martinez was born in Manoguayabo in 1971. Congratulations to Hoff.

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