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The Story Of Edwin Rodríguez, The Honduran Pre-Olympic Player That Everyone Talks About – Diez

“With what I saw him in the Pre-Olympic, Edwin Rodríguez graduated”, that’s how accurate was the coach of the Olimpia reserves, Cocli Salgado, about the prominent role of the merengue footballer during the tournament played in Guadalajara, obtaining the qualification for Honduras to the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

The one with Rodríguez was a real spectacle, becoming the main conductor of the “H”, to stop him he had to be fouled, in evidence of this he became the Honduran player who fell the most times (15) to the ground before the iron mark of the rivals and during the final against Mexico, he scored a great goal that brought us closer to the gold medal, until we ended up losing (4-5) on penalties.

Who is this little gem that is on everyone’s lips?

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His full name is Edwin Alexander Rodríguez Castillo, he was born on September 25, 1999, he is originally from Quimistán (Santa Bárbara) and works as a left interior.

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Little Edwin’s dream of becoming a soccer player took him every day to San Pedro Sula looking for an opportunity, he was near Marathón, but he appeared in the Olimpia reserves installed in that town. He never lowered his arms until one day he met the current reserves coach and merengue scout, Cocli Salgado and his coaching staff.

Edwin Rodríguez during the match against Mexico in the 2021 Pre-Olympic final

DIEZ contacted the teacher and told us that “we discovered Edwin Rodríguez in the reserves we have in San Pedro Sula about seven years ago when we went to do a scan. He was from Quimistán, but he traveled from there to train with us in the children’s category. We saw a 14-year-old boy, who since we saw his technical quality, ability, his handling of both legs -which is difficult to find- we realized that we were facing a potential soccer player “.

After then, the skilled left-hander moved to Tegucigalpa where he spent at least six years of training, suffering and different challenges until he made his debut on March 4, 2018. At the U-20 National Team level, he was to play the World Cup in Poland. 2019, but an injury knocked him out.

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“Always praising that humility that Edwin has had, he is one of the few players who still lives in the headquarters because he feels happy in the clubhouse. We emphasize his quality. In those six years he has had to be with all those players who have passed because of our reservations. He has always been one of the footballers who shows that willingness to work knowing that he was far from his family, but with a clear objective. He had difficult stages, at one time the house (of the team where he lived) had deteriorated , but now we have a modern house, “revealed Cocli.

“Life is smiling at him, but it has hit him hard. Edrik Menjívar and Elvin Casildo were others who had to live there. The stage as a footballer is beautiful, but we don’t realize the stage as a footballer in training, how to leave family and do Sacrifices living in a room alone. These are stages where you have to have character and strength, “he added.


According to the merengue helmsman, the performance shown in the “H” by Rodríguez in the Pre-Olympic, has earned him a place as a starter in the Honduran senior team, without discussion.

“With what I saw him in the Pre-Olympic, Edwin Rodríguez graduated … he had already been showing it with Olimpia being the conductor of the offensive game; with what I saw, I can say that he graduated to be considered in the senior team, in this The tournament took that graduation step, I was surprised by the level it showed. Yesterday (Tuesday) you did not see any difference between the players from Mexico – who come with a high profile from Cruz Azul, América, Pachuca – you looked at the field and the Edwin Rodríguez was better, “he said.

Games with Olimpia: 61
Goals with Olympia: 04
Honduras National Team Debut: November 14, 2019 vs Martinique


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