The Summer League Under The Ridom Umbrella Will Start On The 29th.

The Dominican Republic’s Professional Baseball Summer League will no longer be a project in the minds of leaders, but will come to the stadium. Starting July 29th, with six franchises, the first step in a more ambitious launch in 2023, the team will arrive in the South, East and East Santo Domingo.

At a press conference at Kiskeya Juan Marical Stadium, directors of the Lidom and Dominican Baseball Federation (Fedbe) reported that there are six franchises in Cibao in this first edition, but there are matches at other boundaries such as: did. In Santo Domingo.

Franchises are part of the franchise that participates in the Cibao Summer League. Bonao miner, Ravega Indian, San Francisco Demacoris rice farmer, Northern Shark (Puerto Plata), Santiago Knight, Mocha Farmer. This year, it started in a limited way in the first place. COVID has already been streamlined, so we had to start already and couldn’t continue to impose inertia on COVID, “said Vitelio Mejía, President of Lidom.


The 2022 Summer Tournament Calendar stipulates that each team will play a regular round of 10 games, but the top four franchises will qualify and then play the semifinals agreed upon in. Meet (1 to 4 and 2 to 3). The best of the three games. The two winners will meet in the final series of up to five games to define the champion.

The media reports that some teams from the Dominican Winter Baseball League and the summer circuit team have already signed a cooperation agreement, regarding the relationship between Tigres del Licei and Mineros de Bonao, and the alliance between Aguilas Cibaenas and Caballeros de Santiago. Mentioned. A team formed by Shibao Giants and San Francisco Demacoli Slice Growers. There will be training and training next year, “said Media.

The meeting was attended by the President of the Knights Franchise Victor Garcia Sud. Eric Well then, from a rice farmer. Miner Víctor Sosa; Indian Fernando Graciano and Sandy Jimenez, the representative of the peasants.

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