The suspect of murdering the son of the mayor of Aguadilla does not post the $100,000 bail

The Suspect Of Murdering The Son Of The Mayor Of Aguadilla Does Not Post The $100,000 Bail

The 24-year-old accused of murdering Christian Alexander Roldán Acevedo, son of the mayor of Aguadilla, Julio Roldán Concepción, did not pay the $100,000 bail imposed after finding probable cause for his arrest, for which he will remain in jail.

Melvin M. Casiano Nazario was charged with reckless homicide in the first degree after using a weapon and shooting Roldán Acevedo in the head at a gas station in the city of Milwaukee, according to the complaint published yesterday, Monday, and reviewed by the station. television TMJ4.

In a video of the hearing —which was held virtually— Casiano Nazario questioned why the bail imposed was so high. Judge Grace Flynn established that it was because there was a high risk of flight.


The defendant, who was accompanied by attorney Fred Richardson, has a preliminary hearing scheduled for March 31 at 8:30 in the morning before Judge Barry Phillips.

The authorities indicated that Casiano Nazario allegedly assured them that he shot Roldán Acevedo in “self-defense.”

The 28-year-old died Thursday at Froedtert Hospital in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

El Nuevo Día contacted the spokesman for the popular mayor, José Cruz, to find out how the process of transferring the body to Puerto Rican soil was going and details about the funeral, but, so far, no response has been received.

After the death of his son, Roldán Concepción expressed on social networks last Friday that they were taking steps to transfer his remains and that they would carry out funeral acts at the Javariz funeral home, in Aguadilla.

– Julio Roldán (@julioroldanpr) March 18, 2022

What happened?

The complaint, reviewed by the press, highlights that the event was captured by the gas station’s security cameras. The images would show when Roldán Acevedo was in line, Casiano Nazario enters and stands behind him.

While they waited, the two would have exchanged words and then Roldán Acevedo would hit Casiano Nazario on the head with a drink can. The authorities indicated that the blows against the accused were multiple and that he also used his hands to attack him. It was alleged that Casiano Nazario had made no attempt to block the blows and that he even turned his back on the young man who was attacking him.

Later, Roldán Acevedo went to the exit of the establishment. At that moment, according to police reports, Casiano Nazario took out a firearm from a bag that he was carrying over his shoulder and shot Roldán Acevedo in the back of his head, while he was leaving the gas station.

Roldán Acevedo fell to the ground and “bled profusely,” according to the complaint. The defendant walked past the victim and exited the gas station.

A Facebook account with the name of Melvin Casiano —and whose photos resemble the young defendant who attended the court hearing— points out in his biography that he is from Yauco. His friends include an account with the name of Christian Alexander Roldan Acevedo.



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