The Tips That Trump Should Know To Show Off A Beautiful And Healthy Tan

The Tips That Trump Should Know To Show Off a Beautiful And Healthy Tan

Summer and brown skin are a difficult pairing to separate. We all associate summer holidays with catching colorcillo. But no, the tan is not healthy. It is a response of our skin to solar aggression that we should avoid at all costs. Dermatologists have been very insistent on this in recent years, but it is very difficult to resist the allure of having golden skin. For this reason, cosmetic laboratories have been researching and bringing out new products for the same time to enjoy the brown from the boat. They are the self-tanners, who are living a golden age, like the tone they promise.

These cosmetic products help us to look tone in a completely harmless way. Its magic is in dihydroxyacetone (DHA), “an active ingredient that reacts with dead skin cells to produce that brown tone,” explains dermatologist Sara Carrasco. “It is derived from sugar cane or sugar beets and has been used in beauty and skin care products for more than 50 years,” the expert continues.

The first self-tanner was marketed under the name of Man Tan, but it was not until the 1960s, with the Quick Tan from the Coppertone firm, when it began to be mass-produced and marketed. These pioneers of today’s products were available in the form of lotions or creams and their big drawback was that the tone they left behind was “unnatural”, Donald Trump-style and patchy.


However, over the years the formulas have been improved. «In the 90s the first spray presentations appeared, which allowed a better application. Now there are also gel and ‘mousse’. “And many carry ingredients to hydrate the skin.” In any case, we must take into account some basic tips so that we do not stay in stripes. The first thing is to exfoliate the skin the day before and keep it moisturized.

Second, take great care in how we extend it so as not to leave areas without product or with excess of it. For this, it is advisable to do it with a special glove that facilitates the work. And third, keep the skin in perfect condition, reapplying the product when we need it. “Self-tanners tend to dry out slightly,” adds the dermatologist, so we can’t forget about the ‘body milk’ every day.

basic precautions

“Although they are generally very safe, some recommendation must be taken into account,” Carrasco points out. In skins with a history of allergic reactions “we must do a test in a small area to see if there is a reaction or not.” And people “who have impaired skin barrier, such as those with atopic dermatitis or psoriasis, should see a dermatologist.”

In other cases, the problem may be that the tan is not even, a greater risk in those who have sebaceous skin, melasma, scars, skin irregularities or a lot of hair.

– And what happens in pregnancy and lactation?

– In the first case, although DHA is safe, the rest of the composition of the product must be assessed. In the case of lactation, to date we have not yet found publications about its exception in breast milk. But since they should not be inhaled or ingested, they should not be applied to the nipple area or areola to avoid contact with the infant.



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