The ‘tremendous’ Handling Of Anuel AA To Karol G

Karol G and Anuel AA have become one of the most controversial couples of 2019. Reggaeton singers have been characterized by their photos, where they show their intimacy. To this are added the comments that allude to their physical attributes.

Anuel and Karol G / Getty Images

The artists and interpreters of “China” took advantage of Halloween to publish an image of their costumes. The Puerto Rican and the Colombian chose to be demure with their costumes, only their eyes were altered with contact lenses: white in Anuel and red in Karol G.


What caught the attention and stole the looks of Instagram users was the red-crowned outfit worn by Karol G. In addition, to show his demolition, Anuel's hand is in one of his buttocks.

Anuel and Karol G / Instagram (Karol G)

Anuel commented on the photograph flattering his pareja coffee makers ’roots partner. “Love of my life, those red eyes are mine. Mamasota, ”wrote the Puerto Rican.

How your love started

The love of the singers began at the end of 2018 when they recorded one of their first songs. During the production of the song "Guilty"; Anuel would have liked Karol. The romance remained in rumors until the end of 2018, when a kiss during a concert confirmed the beginning of this love.

In the first instance, his detractors, pointed out that this was a marketing strategy, but over the months the singers have shown that their love is to cross borders.

More than six music tracks have been recorded together, of which most have exceeded 200 million views on YouTube. In addition to being the couple of the moment, his fame has grown with each collaboration and hit they throw.



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