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The True Story: Why Did Los Bukis Separate?

Many rumors were always told about the true story of why Los Bukis and Marco Antonio Solís parted ways. Above all, because it was a great surprise for his loyal fans.

It should be remembered that the band had great successes, but suddenly they announced their separation in 1996. At that time, a lot of instability was generated in the group, which is why they said goodbye to their audience when they gave their last concert in Guadalajara.

There they thanked the public for their support for almost 20 years in which they released numerous emblematic songs.

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“SOURCE: Fama Magazine” Los Bukis: The real reason for their separation

It should be remembered that the rumors of the supposed separation had already started in 1993 when it was said that Fonovisa Records wanted the singer to become a soloist.

That was the strongest and most accurate rumor, because shortly after they released an album where you could read “Marco Antonio Solís y los Bukis”, as if Los Bukis were the backing band.

That change had a notable consequence on the group. Finally the situation did not please the other members of the band and so in 1997 they ended their employment relationship.

Meanwhile, in full separation, the musicians decided to continue with their artistic career, but sadly they never had the same popularity as when they were with Marco Antonio Solís.

Precisely, it was El Buki that did manage to increase his recognition thanks to the hit song? If you had not gone? and that later became the theme song for the Televisa telenovela ?? Salomé ??, starring Edith González.

After the years went by, despite the public always asking Los Bukis for at least one reunion, all the former members clarified -on several occasions- that although they do not have grudges between them, it is not something they want to do.

On one occasion, Eusebio Cortés, one of his former colleagues from Los Bukis referred to Marco Antonio Solís, recalling those times:

Combined it was a synergy, there was a force, an environment, an environment that people liked, he had that seed of greatness, he was always looking for the way to get to where he is right now, to be a center of attention. .. be a center of attention and everyone around him, I do not hold a grudge ??.

That is the true story of why Los Bukis parted ways. Did you know her?


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