The Ule Informs Doctors About What Steps To Take To Be A Professor In Medicine

The ULE Informs Doctors About What Steps To Take To Be a Professor In Medicine

The University of Le贸n continues to work and take steps in order to obtain and be prepared to teach the degree of Medicine. The rector has once again stressed this week that it will be next month when he sends his justified report to the Junta de Castilla y Le贸n in which he will formally request the degree to be taught at the Vegazana Campus, an old Leonese aspiration that the rector, Juan Francisco Garc铆a Mar铆n, recovered at the opening of the academic year before the Minister of Education, Roc铆o Lucas. Now, at the same time that the rectory team works on the document that will also make it clear that the University of Le贸n is qualified and has work done, in addition to the demand for students, they have also contacted doctors from the Hospital de Le贸n so that know what steps they should take to become accredited teachers, that is, to have the necessary requirements to be able to teach.

Mar铆n points out that the lack of accredited teachers at the national level “is a problem”, which is why the University has already begun to carry out efforts along these lines. The Leonese rector is also awaiting the new accreditation process prepared by the Ministry of Universities and the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation for doctors who want to teach in medical schools, which could be relaxed also taking into account the experience and not just research as up to now.

This weekend the MIR tests were held in all the autonomous communities simultaneously and this year had 11,171 Specialized Health Training places, of which 8,550 correspond to medicine, and within them, 2,455 are for family doctor. The Hospital de Le贸n is one of the centers that these resident doctors can choose to finish their training by having the surname of a university student. This year, as a novelty, according to the Secretary of State for Health, Silvia Calz贸n, “second call”: “That is, if there are vacant places, a second call will be made so that the applicants who did not choose a place in the first round for any reason They have the choice.” One of the concerns that Calz贸n expressed was that the number of graduates in Medicine is lower than the number of places offered; In the case of the MIR, she specified, the figure is “almost one applicant for each position” if the quota of non-EU citizens is taken into account. Data that have also alarmed the unions that specified that of the 28,000 total applicants, 12,668 were doctors who opted for the 8,550 MIR positions


A situation that highlights and supports the request of the University of Le贸n to obtain this title, an old aspiration for two decades, which would also come to alleviate the lack of health professionals and would follow the path of other autonomous communities that, as Andalusia, already teaches Medicine in seven of its eight provinces, at the expense of Huelva getting it after announcing that it will take the step.



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