The US Congress Asks The Department Of Justice To Investigate Trump For The Assault On The Capitol

The US House of Representatives held this Monday the last session of the commission of inquiry into the 2021 assault on the Capitol in which it approved its final report and requested the Department of Justice to criminally investigate former President Donald Trump for his role in the attack.

What has the commission investigating the assault on the Capitol done so far and what remains to be done?

What has the commission investigating the assault on the Capitol done so far and what remains to be done?



The committee considers that the former president could have committed four crimes: “influencing or impeding an official government process”, “conspiring to defraud the US”, “making false statements before the federal government” and “assisting or participating in an insurrection against the US”. .

For a year and a half, the commission of inquiry has interviewed more than 1,000 witnesses, obtained more than a million documents, and held 10 public sessions with millions of viewers. The House of Representatives created this commission when Republican senators blocked the creation of an independent commission to investigate the attack.

The Department of Justice is carrying out its own investigation of what happened during the assault on the Capitol, so the committee’s decision has more symbolic than effective power, although it sends an important message.

“Our work on the commission has led us to recommend to the Department of Justice the criminal indictment of Donald Trump. We now turn to the criminal justice system to ensure justice under the law. The American people can ensure that he is never elected again,” Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger tweeted.

Next month, the new Congress derived from the elections last November in which the Republican Party obtained a majority in the House of Representatives will take office. In this sense, the one who will become the next president of the chamber, Kevin McCarthy, has indicated that the conservatives plan their own investigation to discredit the conclusions of this commission.

“In committee sessions we have presented evidence of what ultimately became a plan to overturn the 2020 presidential election,” the final report states. “These tests have led us to one main and direct conclusion: the central cause of [lo ocurrido el] January 6 was a man, former President Donald Trump, who many followed. Nothing would have happened without him.”



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