The Us Considers That The Nuclear Negotiation With Iran Has Entered Its Final Stage

The US Considers That The Nuclear Negotiation With Iran Has Entered Its “final Stage”

The United States said on Tuesday that the main details for the return to the nuclear agreement with Iran have already been resolved and trusted that the negotiation has already entered its “final stage”.

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“The big issues have already been addressed, they have been presented and we believe they have already been largely resolved,” State Department spokesman Ned Price told a news conference.

The spokesman explained that at the “center” of this negotiation are “the steps that Iran must take to verifiably and permanently limit its nuclear program” and those that the United States must take to “relieve sanctions” on Tehran.

Iran responded Monday night to the European Union’s proposal to salvage the 2015 nuclear deal, a response that has not been made public but is already being discussed by Washington with its European partners.

Price did not give more details about the content of the text, but insisted that “everything that could be negotiated has already been negotiated” and trusted that the negotiation to return to the nuclear pact is reaching “what should be its final part” .

The spokesman lamented that this process, which began in the spring of last year, has taken longer than necessary and urged the Iranians to “take the seriousness that they have not shown so far.” “If the Iranians had been serious from the first days, we could have achieved a mutual return to the nuclear agreement in a relatively short time,” he said. President Trump, however, was the first to pull the US out of the agreement in 2018, and in response, Tehran reactivated its nuclear program.

Iran is negotiating with Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Russia, China and, indirectly, with the United States, the restoration of the 2015 nuclear agreement. The EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, presented in the last round of talks held in Vienna between August 4 and 8 a new proposal to close the agreement, which he defined as “final text” and to which Iran responded on Monday.

According to Western diplomatic sources, the main unresolved issues for Iran are guarantees that the United States does not abandon the agreement again as Trump did in 2018.

Another pending issue is the Iranian request to close an investigation by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) into the origin of trace amounts of uranium found in three places that Iran had not declared.

However, on other issues that in the past prevented an agreement, such as the US sanctions against the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, agreements have been reached.



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