The Value Of The Cryptocurrency Dogecoin 2.0 Soars More Than 450% In The Last 24 Hours

Posted: Sep 3, 2021 00:30 GMT

The Dogecoin Foundation has ensured that this project has no connection to its own and has urged its creators to choose a new name.

The value of the cryptocurrency Dogecoin 2.0 has soared 457.6% in the last 24 hours, trading the unit at $ 0.1599, its all-time high, according to the latest updated data from the CoinGecko portal.


The currency, which was launched on the Binance Smart Chain Network last May, has recently received a lot of publicity. According to CryptoPotato, DOGE2 has risen due to its listing on several of the major cryptographic exchange platforms.

It is one of the many digital currencies created as a result of the success of Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency inspired by a popular internet meme that is currently worth $ 0.2997 per unit, in the hope of obtaining a similar effect.

The Dogecoin Foundation, an organization that provides support to the main developers and projects that work in this cryptocurrency, including businessman Elon Musk and Ethereum co-founder VitĂĄlik Buterin, issued a statement on Tuesday about Dogecoing 2.0 distancing itself from the project.

“We welcome newcomers to the crypto space, but this project has no connection or relationship with Dogecoin,” the text reads. “To protect the Dogein community from being misled and to protect the Dogecoin name from potential misuse, we have asked our brand protection attorneys to contact the developers of the Dogecoin 2.0 product,” he adds.

They also hope that the development team of the new cryptocurrency will select a new name for their project and not infringe on the rights and reputation of the Dogecoin project. “We look forward to any innovation they can make in their future endeavors,” the statement concludes.

Last month the new digital currency Baby Doge rose 228% in just one day after Musk wrote a tweet about the cryptocurrency. It is a modified version of Dogecoin that features new cryptography and “improved transaction speed.”

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