The Woman Who Denounced Biden For Sexual Harassment Assures That She Has Gone Into Exile In Russia

Tara Reade is a writer, actress, YouTube channel host and podcast host: Survival Policies. She is also the last American citizen to go into exile in Russia, where she has made her last public appearance. And since 2020 she was known to have accused President Joe Biden of sexual harassment in the 90s, during the stage in which he worked with him in the Senate.

Why has this American exiled herself to Moscow? “Here I feel surrounded by protection and security,” said Reade, 59, at a press conference called by the Sputnik agency in the Russian capital, where he appeared by surprise this Tuesday. “I want to thank everyone who has supported me at a time when it’s hard to know if I’m safe or not.”


Sitting next to Reade was Maria Butina, a Russian agent who has served 18 months in prison in the US after being convicted of conspiring to try to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, when Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton. Butina, who infiltrated the National Rifle Association to try to achieve her goals, returned to Russia after completing her sentence in a Florida prison.

Reade assured in his appearance that there are “European and American citizens looking for a safe haven here”, in reference to Russia, and that “fortunately the Kremlin is helping, so we are lucky.” The commentator added that she is “enjoying Moscow” and that she feels “at home”.

Reade’s support for Russia is not new and he has a wide catalog of statements in favor of the invasion of Ukraine and against Washington’s support for the Kiev government. In 2019, Reade wrote on Twitter that numerous Americans supported Vladimir Putin. He has also used his YouTube channel to publicize members of the Kremlin or criticize the censorship of Russian media within the US.

Several investigations found contradictions in his account

A year later, Reade entered fully into the 2020 presidential campaign when she accused Biden of sexually harassing her when she worked in the Democratic senator’s office. Biden has denied that she harassed Reade 27 years ago. Investigations by various media such as The New York Times, The Washington Post either POLITICAL They found several contradictions in his account of the facts, as well as several falsehoods in his career. Her lawyer, linked to several similar cases, abandoned her.

Nevertheless, Reade’s name has continued to ring in American politics. Last December, As reported traffic light, Russia requested in the United Nations that a special session be held to address the risk of diversion of weapons provided by the US to Ukraine. The person summoned to intervene by Moscow was Reade, despite the fact that he lacks experience in the matter.

Reade’s appearance was refused, but he did was later able to interview the Russian envoy to the United Nations on his YouTube channel, who told him that his name was “too toxic”. The commentator also stated traffic light that Russian diplomats had contacted her because of her support for the invasion of Ukraine and because she is “anti-imperialist” and frustrated with “Russophobia.”

Reade has, however, received the support of Republican politicians such as Matt Gaetz, who in recent weeks had expressed interest in him testifying before a parliamentary committee about his accusations against Biden. Just two weeks ago, the writer posted a message on Twitter in which he thanked Gaetz for “caring about the truth.”

But Reade added one more thing: “I want to make something clear. If anything happens to me, all roads lead to Joe Biden,” he wrote. “Threats and intimidation by Joe Biden and the Democratic political machine over the last three years are not going to cut it. I’m not suicidal. I should not be under investigation nor am I an undercover agent.” Two weeks later, Reade is in Moscow.



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