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The Woman Who Lost 40 Kilos Thanks To Discovering The Exercises With Weights

Michelle Carvalho is a 44-year-old woman who at 39 had trouble completing a gymkhana with her little one. At the beginning of this kind of ‘adventure’, this mother began to run out of breath. And that he had traveled a few meters. Determined to change her lifestyle for a healthier one, Carvalho set out to solve her problem before she was four decades old.

“The journey itself killed me. I thought, ‘Oh my God, I’ll be 40 in six months and if I don’t do something about it now, it will get harder and harder as I get older,’ ”Michelle Carvalho told Today who started working on her body to lose weight and lose weight. weight. This neighbor from San Francisco, in the United States, wanted to feel better in the future and (although it took a while) she ended up realizing that the solution was, among other things, in lifting weights.

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This was not the first time that Carvalho tried to follow a healthy diet. However, he went into slimming processes in which he lost a few kilos that he quickly regained. Unlike the previous ones, this time he wanted to be able to maintain the effects of his changes for decades.

Value strength and confidence

Previously, you tended to eat low-carb, protein, and low-fat diets. This ‘effort’ was not rewarded, as the woman ended up ‘falling’ and overeating (in the form of binge eating). What made the difference from other occasions was the advice of a weightlifting and nutrition coach.

Gaining muscle “is very difficult. There’s no way you’re going to get too bulky “(Unsplash)

“Lifting weights has been a constant thing that I found to love. As you get older, it is important to develop and mainta in muscle mass, ”shared Carvalho. She believes that many women resist this type of physical exercise because they think it will make them feel too big. However, gaining muscle “is very difficult. There’s no way you’re going to get too bulky. ”

Changes in diet and weight lifting have helped this American lose 40 kilos in five years, going from about 108 to 68 kilos. Beyond how good it feels to look in the mirror, Carvalho values ​​the strength and confidence that weight lifting has given him. In fact, your daughter has taken to the sport.

For his family

“When I started, I had my little girl on my hip. He kept looking at me and now he wants to learn ”. This is a sign that, although Carvalho made this change in his life to enjoy better health, now his goals are different. She realized that she was making that effort to “be healthier for my family and myself.”

Changes in diet and weight lifting have helped this American lose 40 kilos (Unsplash)

To diet and sports, which is the combination that doctors and nutritionists advise to lose weight and lose weight, Carvalho added three tips. According to her, anyone can change their lifestyle in favor of health, regardless of age: “You are never too old and it is never too late.”

Second, although it will be important not to become obsessed with our progress (whether there is or not), the American proposes to get a scale that indicates our weight. Both the experts and Carvalho point out that the fluctuations are “normal”, so we should try not to affect our state of mind.

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The third and last tip is closely related to the first. Just as there is no age at which to stop following a healthy diet, there are also no number of times after which we should stop trying. In those moments, Carvalho remembers that gymkhana in which he could not run without drowning. According to her, that encouraged him to try again and again.

“You are never too old and it is never too late”

In short, to the sacrifice of following a healthy diet and practicing sports regularly, the importance of being patient is added. “You know that you are going to have days in which you are going to fall, but it is the people who get up and try again who are going to be successful,” concluded Carvalho.


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