There Is a Shooting Against The Home Of Anuel AA’s Parents

Anuel AA’s family has had a good scare after strangers opened fire on the house that the artist’s parents own in Puerto Rico at dawn on Wednesday.According to the information provided so far, the authorities received a Anonymous call after one o’clock in the morning erroneously informing that they had shot the reggaeton star in the immediate vicinity of the house, where his brother currently resides only because his parents moved to the United States a long time ago. They are expected to return to the island in the next few days to answer police questions. Fortunately no one was injured and only material damage has been regretted: apparently the majority of shots were directed towards a Dodge Durango truck that was parked at the entrance and that belongs to the brother of Anuel. The Puerto Rican media have echoed the problems that the musician would have had in recent times with different bands organized in the area as a result of his own time in prison – he was released in 2018 – for illegal possession of weapons.For now, the artist – who has just released the single “ Like ” with Shakira – has not ruled on what happened.