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There is no confrontation with the government of President Donald Trump, ”President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said Friday when he was questioned about his meeting with the United States Attorney General, William Barr, held yesterday at the National Palace.

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AMLO said that Mexico's relationship with the United States is very good and said that, although there are different points of view, there is respect and understanding and that is why the meeting was very good.


He reiterated that it helps a lot that the US prosecutor is a lawyer, because he knows that countries must adhere to their respective Constitution and that the Mexican does not allow intervention.

You cannot allow foreign forces to use our territory for military purposes, moreover, the Constitution speaks of the president, to allow foreign agents to use our territory with weapons, he has to inform the Senate of the Republic ”.

López Obrador said it is in Article 33 of the 1917 Constitution, which is in force, and states that no foreigner can do political activity in Mexican territory.

During the morning press conference from the National Palace, he requested that the text of Article 33 be projected for reading before the press.

AMLO reads Article 33 of the Constitution of Mexico during the morning conference (YouTube)

AMLO said that, at the same time, the Mexican Constitution establishes the principle of cooperation, "we don't want distant neighbors."

He noted that both countries need to agree and discuss weapons, drugs and currencies.

He said that they explained to prosecutor William Barr about the work that Mexico does to guarantee peace and security in Mexican territory.

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