There Will Be More Recruitment Days For Work Visas In The US

San Pedro Sula.

The authorities of the Ministry of Labor recommend that Hondurans who are interested in participating in the program of temporary work visas in the United States prepare themselves with the necessary documentation, as there will be other recruitment days.

Although the Secretariat of Labor, together with representatives of the United States consulate in Honduras, are currently conducting individual interviews with the shortlisted participants who participated in the first day of recruitment, the authorities say that more will come.


Alexander Leiva, Regional Labor Director, said the applicants who meet the requirements are already being entered into the database. The day to capture curricula took place in four cities: Santa Rosa de Copán, Choluteca, Santa Bárbara and San Pedro Sula.


1-Primary requirements. Be over 21 years of age, know how to read and write and have no immigration or police background.
2-Documents to present. They must prove minimum experience in areas of reforestation, agriculture, construction and cleaning, present curriculum, background sheets and copy of the ID card.

Leiva explained that in the case of the selected sampedranos, they qualify for the H2B visa which is for those who are engaged in reforestation, gardening, construction, cleaning and maintenance. Applicants from the other three cities qualify for the H2A visa to work in agriculture.

The official said that this is only the first day of recruitment, there will be more, so he recommends that applicants get ready with the necessary documentation, since of the 1,600 that arrived at the Municipal Gymnasium, only 30% (about 480 ) accredited their work experience with documentation.

Steve Morrissey, vice consul of the US Embassy, ​​said that if companies propose to extend their employment contract in the United States, they should ask for proof that they have already begun the legal process to make this possible. He explained that staying longer than allowed carries a penalty and the possibility of not being admitted again for a visa.