There Will Be More Than 500 Demonstrations In The Us In Favor Of The Political Trial Of Donald Trump

There Will Be More Than 500 Demonstrations In The US In Favor Of The Political Trial Of Donald Trump

More than 50 North American organizations, under the umbrella of the “Impeach and Remove” movement, called for Tuesday more than 500 demonstrations throughout the United States to show their support for the political trial against the president, Donald Trump , a process that Congress will foreseeably approve this week.

The organizers called on the citizens of 564 locations throughout the country to concentrate on Tuesday at 17:30 local time of each of the towns, regardless of the time zone in which they are, under the slogan "Nobody Is Above the Law ”(No one is above the law).

“The night before the House of Representatives held a bleak vote to start the Trump political trial, we will go to each congressional office and public square to declare that no one is above the law, while the congressmen decide their positions and senators observe, ”explained this organization in a statement posted on its website.


Numerous entities throughout the country, such as the March of Women, Latino Vote or Indivisible Guide, adhered to this call to support the motion of impeachment against the current Republican head of state.

The Democrats took a decisive step last Friday to open a political trial against President Trump, for alleged pressures against Ukraine, with the approval of the charges against him by the Judicial Committee of the Lower House, whose plenary session will possibly decide this week to start the "Impeachment" thanks to its progressive majority.

The Judiciary Committee approved the political charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress with 23 votes in favor, all of them Democrats, and 17 against the Republicans.

The vote came after 14 hours of bitter debate on Thursday between the members of a bench and another, which the conservatives tried to delay by submitting amendments to the document with the so-called "articles of 'impeachmen't", as they are called in English The process of political judgment.

The plenary session of the lower house is expected to debate and vote on the approval of Trump's political trial next Wednesday, thanks to the Democratic majority, so that the “impeachment” itself can be held in January in the Senate, after the festivities of Christmas and new year.



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