These Are The Ongoing Investigations Against Donald Trump

These Are The 4 Ongoing Investigations Against Donald Trump

Washington — News of the break-in at Donald Trump’s Florida mansion has grabbed headlines in recent days, but it’s just one of several ongoing investigations against the former US president.

Here’s a look at the ongoing investigations into Trump’s conduct while he was in the White House:

The National Archives


The FBI raid on Monday is part of an investigation into whether Trump took classified documents from the White House to his Florida residence, people familiar with the matter say.

Trump himself confirmed the raid, complaining of “abuse of authority” and that agents broke into his safe.

Although Trump did not mention the reason for the police action, the truth is that the Department of Justice has been investigating the possible mishandling of confidential information for months. The investigation began when the National Archives said they received 15 boxes of White House documents shipped from Mar-a-Lago, containing classified documents.

A search does not necessarily mean that criminal prosecution is imminent, but to obtain proper clearance, the FBI would have to have convinced a judge that there is reason to believe a crime has been committed.

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The 2020 elections and the storming of the Capitol

Another ongoing investigation by the Justice Department looms over the assault on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021, and Trump’s attempts to reverse the election result.

However, it is not clear whether Trump himself is the subject of the investigation.

Federal prosecutors have particularly focused on a scheme by Trump supporters to appoint bogus presidential electors in certain states where President Joe Biden won, in an attempt to reverse the result.

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The Justice Department is conducting an investigation, parallel to one being carried out by a congressional commission, into attempts by Trump and his supporters to reverse his electoral defeat.

Trump also faces multiple civil lawsuits in connection with the events of January 6, 2021. A federal judge denied him a request to reject lawsuits brought by lawmakers and Capitol guards who accuse the former president of haranguing the crowd before the assault on the seat of Congress.

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Following his electoral loss, Trump called Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to pressure him to “find” the votes needed to reverse his defeat there.

That January 2 phone call is the focus of an investigation by a prosecutor in Atlanta, which could prove a more immediate legal threat to Trump.

Fulton District Attorney Fani Willis has said she has considered compelling Trump to testify, a move that could force the former president to cooperate with a criminal investigation.

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New York

New York State Attorney General Letitia James is leading a civil investigation into whether Trump’s company, the Trump Organization, misled banks and tax authorities about their property values ​​in order to secure loans and other benefits.

The Manhattan district attorney’s office is also investigating Trump’s real estate deals.

In May, James’s office announced that it is nearing completion of its investigation and that prosecutors have amassed enough substantial evidence to form the basis for legal action — such as a lawsuit — against Trump, his company, or both.

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