These Are The Athletes Who Earn The Most Money

Football monopolized for the first time the podium of the three highest paid athletes in the world during 2019. The Argentine Lionel Messi is the leader of the list published annually by Forbes magazine, with 127 million dollars. Next to him, the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, with a total of 109 million, and in third place the Brazilian Neymar, with 105 million. According to the list, which is drawn up every year since 1990, the Argentine footballer obtained a total of 81 million in concept of salary, plus 31 in sponsorships. The crack of Barcelona prevails at the top of the highest paid athletes to the boxer Floyd Mayweather, who in 2018 obtained 243 million after fighting with the mixed martial arts fighter Conor McGregor.The Argentine first occupied the top of the ranking as the athlete that more money got into his bank account between his contract with Barcelona and advertising. The top 10 is complemented by a Latin boxer, a European tennis player, football players and basketball players. The 100 athletes who appear in this ranking have raised a total of four billion dollars, an increase of 5% in one year. Also, among the top 10 sports in the top 100, basketball occupies the most with 35 NBA players, followed by American football (19), baseball (15) and soccer (12) .The highest paid athletes in the world 1st highest paid athlete: Leo MessiArgentine Leo Messi once again leads the list of the highest paid athletes in the world. The culé footballer who at the age of 13 began his career in the Masía, has managed to enter 127 million dollars, of which 81 have left the salary and 31 of the sponsorships. This figure includes his multiple advertising contracts with brands such as Pepsi , Adidas or MasterCard, among others.The Argentine Leo Messi ranks first in the ranking of the best paid athletesMoreThe Argentine Leo Messi ranks first in the ranking of the highest paid athletes2th highest paid athlete: Cristiano RonaldoCristiano Ronaldo, the footballer more extravagant whims, is another face known for the list of the highest paid athletes. Unlike his rival Leo Messi, Ronaldo has passed through the wealthiest teams in Europe, until he reached Juventus in Turin, reaching second place in the highest paid athletes in 2019 thanks to his 109 million dollars. More than two-thirds of their income corresponds to advertising contracts.The Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo occupies the second placeMoreThe Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo occupies the second place3rd highest paid athlete: NeymarNeymar, at 27, occupies the last place on the podium. Although it has not been a good year for him in sports or personal life, he has entered the not insignificant amount of 105 million dollars.The Paris Saint-Germain, chaired by Nasser Al Khelaifi, has paid a figure of 75 million dollars to the current account of the Brazilian end. But their income is not cut there, 30 million more must be added for sponsorships. Brazilian Neymar won $ 105 in 2019Read MoreThe Brazilian Neymar won $ 105 in 20194th highest paid athlete: Canelo ÁlvarezMexican boxing king, Saul “Canelo “Álvarez, occupies the position number 4 and is the only representative of the ring among the top 10 of the highest paid athletes. The current Super WBA world champion has raised 94 million dollars, for his pocket, of which 92 million come from his salary and only 2 advertising. Mexican boxer Saul More Mexican boxer Saul “Canelo” Álvarez ranks fourth5 ° highest paid athlete: Roger Federer The Swiss is for many the best tennis player in history, and he cannot doubt his class, elegance and quality, both on and off the pitch. He is the highest paid tennis player and his Third position in the ATP ranking guarantees the 93.4 million dollars that it has entered this last year. The winner of 20 Grand Slam titles receives a salary of 7.4 million, while the rest of the benefits are obtained through sponsorships. Swiss tennis player Roger Federer won $ 93.4 million More Swiss tennis player Roger Federer won a $ s93.4 million6th highest paid athlete: Russell Wilson Russell Wilson, at 30, is the NFL’s most winning American football player. His team, the Seattle Seahawks, helps increase its purchasing power with $ 80.5 million, which must be added by adding $ 9 million in advertising. The Seattle Seahawks QB is the highest paid in the NFLMore Seattle Seahawks’ QB is the highest-paid NFL7 highest paid athlete: Aaron Rodgers Another quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, is among the top positions on the list of highest paid athletes. The Green Bay Packers player pockets 80.3 million dollars for scoring the team’s extra points, kicking the ball. But they are not his only income, he also gets 9 million for advertising.The Green Bay QB pockets more than $ 80 million a yearMoreThe Green Bay QB pockets more than $ 80 million a year8th highest paid athlete: LeBron JamesLast positions of the top 10 of the highest paid athletes are NBA players. His income as a Los Angeles Lakers militant is as high as he is, as they reach $ 36 million, in addition to the $ 53 million he charges as a brand image. LeBron James is the highest paid basketball player MoreLeBron James is the highest paid basketball player 9th athlete Best paid: Stephen Curry Stephen Curry, a Golden State Warriors player, has benefited from $ 79.8 million this season. However, the majority of what has been earned has not been for its work as a base, but for the advertising revenue amounting to $ 42 million. The Golden State base received almost $ 80 million in 2019MoreThe Golden State base perceived almost $ 80 million in 2019 10th highest paid athlete: Kevin Durant Last July he signed a contract for the Brooklyn Nets that will lead him to earn $ 161 million over the next 4 years, only in salary. At the moment, in this 2019 and counting his previous contract in Golden State Warriors and advertising, he has entered 58 million dollars.Kevin Durant changed equipment and got me in the top 10MoreKevin Durant changed equipment and put me in the top 10 In the decade? Before the end of the decade, Forbes recounted the achievements and records imposed around the world of sports, which left great economic fruits to the best athletes in the world. In a study by Kendall Baker in the which analyzes the list from 1990 to date, only Cristiano and Messi have been able to position themselves as number one, while David Beckham, Ronaldinho and Neymar stand out in the top 10, because throughout the decade they have been golfers, boxers and basketball players the highest income athletes; Tiger Woods, Floyd Mayweather and LeBron James the most prominent, as some athletes have large contracts with their respective clubs, but much of their income comes from the sponsorships of large companies such as Nike or Adidas, which elite athletes are getting year with The former Floyd Myweather Jr. was consecrated as the highest paid athlete of the decade by recording revenues of $ 915 million, followed by Cristiano Ronaldo, who billed $ 800 million from 2010 to 2019.