These Are The Criminal Investigations That Are Open On Donald Trump In New York, Washington And Georgia | Univision Politics News

Donald Trump was a unique president in his style and he is being an original former president, considering that none of his predecessors was under the gaze of justice as he is right now.

Trump has several open lawsuits against him, and, in addition, he is being investigated by prosecutors in several states for cases related to his times as a real estate mogul at the head of the Trump Organization and others from the last days of his chaotic presidency.

No US president has been prosecuted for crimes committed before or during his tenure.


There are now 14 court cases at different stages of development. Trump has not yet been charged with anything in any of them, but the inquiries continue.

In two of the four criminal cases, grand juries have been convened to evaluate the evidence and decide which course to take, something that many experts consider to be evidence that the investigators have materials that compromise the former president.

Criminal cases have more weight, because they are presented by the government at one of its levels (federal, state, district).

Here we summarize what those cases are and in what status they are:



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