These Are The First Images Of The Suit That Robert Pattinson Will Wear As Batman

Robert Pattinson was already captured in the skin of ‘The Dark Knight’.


Although the choice of Robert Pattinson to play The Dark Knight in The batman it was one of the most questioned decisions by fans of DC Comics, the movie’s recordings have already started and after that Matt Reeves, the director of the film, shared the first look at the costume that the protagonist will wear, new images have emerged that reveal how the character will look.


In the photographs that already circulate in social networks you can see that they filmed a scene in which the superhero performs a motorcycle chase in what seems to be a cemetery and although it is speculated that the one in the photos is a double action who appears in the images, it is possible to see how it will look Robert Pattinson With the full suit.

 Robert Pattinson. (/Splash News/The Grosby Group)
Robert Pattinson. (/Splash News/The Grosby Group)

And not only the suit, we could also see how the motorcycle of the bat man will be, because in one of the leaked videos, Batman He travels the city by motorcycle together with another person that many of the fans say will be Selina Kyle, better known as Catwoman, the character that Zoë Kravitz will play.

It is the first time that the complete suit can be appreciated, since Matt Reeves had only shown the upper part of the armor in a short video.

The Batman recordings are being made in Glasgow, the capital of Scotland and the film is expected to be ready for release in June 2021.