These Are The Personal Data That Smart Devices Collect About Us

There are more and more intelligent devices that are intended to make life easier for people and to do so these teams need to know as much as possible about their user, in order to offer the best possible service.

As reported by the Spanish cybersecurity company All4sec, there is a series of data that these devices store, sometimes even much more information than they strictly need to carry out their functions. This information is then structured and sold many times without our knowledge and without our authorization.

Among the different data that is collected, the registration data stands out, those that are provided when the device is activated, such as user data when identified, activity records or the status of the device at any time.


Also the data captured by sensors that incorporate the devices can be stored. The sensors can detect movement, record audios or offer video surveillance functions.

Smart devices can collect data from the activities that are carried out with the device, such as the identification of the medium, whether it is a mobile, computer or tablet. They can also distinguish the function that has been used and the activity for which it was intended (change the channel, activate the oven, etc.).

It has even been detected that certain devices store undeclared data and that they are out of their expected behavior, such as the capture of images when a house bell is pressed or the activation of voice assistants when certain words are spoken.

All this data is personal of the clients and, therefore, they have "the right to privacy and to know exactly what is done with them", as they remember from All4sec.