These Are The Vehicles That Will Transport Athletes In Tokyo 2020

These Are The Vehicles That Will Transport Athletes In Tokyo 2020

Tokyo is practically ready to receive the next 2020 Olympic Games and technological advances are the main samples that the Asian country presumes since the day this venue was announced.

However, not only in infrastructure have they taken gigantic steps for the celebration of the maximum sporting party but also in matters of transportation, the clearest example is that of the vehicles that will transfer the Olympic and Paralympic athletes.


This is the e-Palette, an automated transport made by the Toyota company to mobilize all of the Olympic Village.

The version for Tokyo 2020 has been adapted according to the unique needs of the Olympic and Paralympic villas, with large doors and electric ramps so that numerous groups of athletes, including Paralympics, can access quickly and easily. The vehicle will be controlled by an automated driving system that can run at up to 20 kilometers per hour at SAE2 4 level, with the help of an on-board safety operator.

The e-Palette’s automated driving system constantly detects possible obstacles in a 360-degree field of vision around the vehicle and operates at an appropriate speed depending on the circumstances of the environment. As a preventive measure, a safety operator on board the vehicle will also monitor the movement of the vehicle and be prepared to take command if necessary.