These Breathing Exercises Before Running Will Fill You With Oxygen

Whether you are an amateur or experienced runner, breathing is one of the most important aspects that we should all consider. So it is that learning to breathe correctly can help us achieve better efficiency in the race. You can even make the difference between running more and better or not enough performance.

Breathing is not just taking and expelling air. It is more than that. As we know, oxygen reaches our entire body through the lungs and is essential for the proper functioning of our muscles. Especially when we practice running, since we need large amounts for all that effort that our muscles are making.

There are studies that have shown that breathing has helped elite athletes achieve great marks, even avoiding significant muscle injuries. Therefore, if we are able to control and train our breathing, we will be able to carry a greater amount of oxygen to our muscles more efficiently and thus flee from those damn typical runner injuries. These simple exercises before running, will fill you with energy and oxygen and improve your blood supply.


Inhale 3 times through the nose, vigorously and without exhaling, to gradually fill the lungs. Meanwhile, open the lower ribs and expand the abdomen keeping the shoulders motionless. Exhale through the mouth. The process of three inspirations and one exhalation should not last more than 20 seconds. Do 20 repetitions.At the end, hold your breath.When you need to breathe again, repeat steps 1 to 3. Finish the exercise with calm and deep breaths.