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They Create a National Hospital Network For The Psychological Well-being Of Health Workers

Granada, Apr 1 (EFE) .- The San Cecilio Clinical University Hospital of Granada participates in a national network created to preserve the psychological well-being and mental health of professionals who care for patients with coronavirus.

This is the ‘Be + against Covid’ project, whose objective is to help professionals coexist with stressful situations and protect themselves and their families, complying with a series of basic recommendations, as reported by the hospital.

Among the main measures is the incorporation of collective recovery breaks during professionals’ working hours.

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These breaks will be repeated twice per shift and last between five and seven minutes, in which professionals will apply relaxation techniques.

In addition, at the beginning of each shift there will be an orientation session on personal and patient care with the aim of strengthen ing safety and helping to control pressure in adverse situations such as those currently experienced.

The incorporation of these measures will be piloted in the ICU of the San Cecilio Hospital in Granada with the intention of gradually extending it to other healthcare areas involved in the care of patients with coronavirus, such as hospitalization or emergencies.

This project brings together researchers from hospital centers, universities and regional health services throughout Spain.

Its creation arises from the exchange of experiences and results of interventions already applied in health centers and aims to serve as a basis for continuing to develop emotional support measures for professionals.

The project also pays attention to the protection of the families and people with whom the toilets live, offering recommendations to prevent the risk of a possible contagion and avoid the perception of professionals that they are putting them in danger.

To do this, it is proposed to establish fixed guidelines for behavior, such as carrying as few objects as possible or not bringing work clothes home, and taking measures when you get home, such as taking a shower or cleaning up at home. EFE


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