They Defend Police Action In The Champions League Final

Paris (AP) — French officials defended police action on Monday indiscriminately firing tear gas and stimulant sprays on Liverpool fans in the Champions League final.

They said the problem was due to a large fraud in which 30,000 to 40,000 people tried to enter the Stade de France with fake tickets or no tickets at all. ..


The UEFA will be ordering and publishing an independent report, “Considering the Responsibilities and Actions of Decision-Making and All Entities Participating in the Final.”

After a meeting on Saturday’s turmoil, French sports ministers and interior ministers blamed Liverpool fans, but did not elaborate on how they were convinced that there were a lot of fake tickets.

Those with valid tickets purchased through the Liverpool team and the UEFA have reported problems with access to the stadium.

“According to the pre-management of the Stade de France and the French Football Federation, 70% of tickets were false to enter the Stade de France, resulting in large industry-level fraud and fake ticket organizations. There was, “said Interior Minister Gerald Dalmanin.

“After the first check, we also noticed 15% of the fake tickets … UEFA confirmed that more than 2,600 tickets were invalid, even though they passed the first check.”

The French Ministry of Sports did not provide evidence of his allegations and did not respond to emails after holding a press conference from a combative standpoint.

“Of course, the large presence of these counterfeit tickets was the problem that caused the delay,” said Dermanin. “The start of the match was delayed three times.

Liverpool’s 1-0 defeat to Real Madrid began 37 minutes late.

Liverpool CEO Billy Hogan said it was “totally inappropriate” for the French authorities to jump to a conclusion and quote the numbers prematurely.

“At this stage, I don’t think I’m responsible for speaking before collecting all the information,” he said. “How can we quantify (the number of fans without tickets) at this stage before conducting an independent and transparent survey? Some people with fake tickets were also mentioned, though. , Again, how can I know all the facts until the investigation is complete? “

Hogan said Liverpool is “considering legal possibilities” on behalf of fans.

“The Champions League final has become one of the best spectacles of football and one of the worst experiences in the lives of many fans. At present, all politicians and institutions involved in this case are complete. And I think we need to wait until the independent investigation is complete before trying to divert the blame. “

Tear gas and stimulant sprays were fired on Liverpool fans, beating children and Dermanin defending tactics to prevent death.

“Thanks to the security forces, and to the people who worked at the stadium for being able to avoid the drama so calmly, and also when there was too much pressure to organize and avoid pre-management. Thank you for lifting the drama, “according to Dermanin.

“It was the prefecture’s decision to avoid any kind of death or serious injury,” he added.


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