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They Invite Hamburger In Support Of ‘health Hero’

Alexander vargas
The Juarez Journal

Saturday, May 01, 2021 | 13:45

In support of the paramedic, David Rodríguez, 29, who suffered a stroke, his colleagues today carry out a hamburger to raise funds to cover the expenses derived from the situation.

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Alan Ramírez, of the same age, a colleague with whom he is “stable” at the moment, said that he is someone who has been at the foot of the canyon during the health contingency, working at URGE.

Such service deals with transferring patients suffering from coronavirus, however the hospitalized person did not give up in facilitating his support to those who required it, just as he needs it now from society.

The event is held at 3104 Chimalpa Street, at the intersection with J. Covarrubias, in the López Mateos neighborhood, the interviewee said and stressed that the combo can be ordered, at 80 pesos, at 656-550-21-29 and picked up.

He indicated that the package consists of a hamburger and a soft drink, also stressed that the proceeds will be for medical care and treatment of the “health hero” that border solidarity requires.


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