They Reveal The Cause Of Death Of The Victims Of The Astroworld Festival

Travis Scott gives his first interview since the 1:54 Astroworld tragedy

(CNN) – All 10 Astroworld Festival victims died of “compression asphyxia,” according to the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences. The Institute determined that the deaths were an “accident.”

The victims are Mirza Danish Baig, Rodolfo Angel Peña, Madison Alexis Dubiski, Franco Cesar Patino, Jacob E. Jurinek, John W. Hilgert, Axel Beltsasar Acosta Avila, Brianna Rodríguez, Bharti Shahani and Ezra Blount, according to the Institute.


“The combined toxic effects of cocaine, methamphetamine and ethanol” were considered one of the causes that contributed to Baig’s death, according to the Institute.

The Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences says it is not releasing further information at this time.

What the attorneys of the victims’ families said

Attorneys representing the families of victims who died in the Astroworld Festival tragedy reacted to the results of autopsies performed by the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences.

“The report confirms what the family already knew, which is that Axel was crushed and killed that night by the crowd, through no fault of his own. It is also important to note that Axel’s blood contained absolutely no intoxicants or other similar substances, ”Tony Buzbee, the attorney representing Axel Acosta’s family, said in a statement to CNN.

Acosta was a third-year student at Western Washington University and attended the concert alone, CNN previously reported.

“The devastation of this news speaks for itself,” said Robert Hilliard, the attorney representing Ezra Blount’s family, in a statement to CNN.

Father saw his son in human avalanche from Astroworld 3:53

Blount, the youngest victim of the Astroworld tragedy, was 9 years old.

Philip Cowboy, Jr., the attorney representing the Jacob Jurinek and Franco Patiño families, said the determination made by the coroner shows what the families already knew.

“The findings from the Harris County Medical Examiner’s Office confirm what we and the Jurinek and Patino families already knew: that Jake and Franco were healthy, intelligent young people who did not deserve to die in such unspeakable ways. Now they know that Jake and Franco were crushed to death, ”Corboy, Jr. said in a statement to CNN. “The only conclusion that can be drawn from the medical examiner’s findings is that Travis Scott, Live Nation and the other defendants created a horrible death trap and are responsible for the deaths of Jake and Franco.”

Jason Lassiter, the attorney representing Bharti Shahani’s family, said the findings confirm that Shahani suffered a “horrible death.”

“The medical examiner’s findings confirm the worst fears of the Bharti family,” Lassiter told CNN in a statement. “The last moments of your beloved daughter’s life were surely marked by suffering, panic and terror. It is a horrible and inescapable image that no parent should have to endure. But that is the sad reality for the Shahani and the other nine families who received this terrible news. “

“Now that we have received the official results, I want to say to our police chief: What a shame. What a shame to perpetuate and give credence to a silly rumor that people were being injected into the concert. By doing so, you added more pain to an already excruciatingly painful situation for Axel’s family. Axel Acosta’s family now hopes to present their case in court, in front of a jury, in the hope that all those responsible will be held legally responsible and that an avoidable tragedy like this will never happen again, “he added.

More than 340 lawsuits have already been filed in Harris County regarding the Astroworld Festival tragedy, CNN previously reported. There is an ongoing criminal investigation, led by the Houston Police Department.

I helped as many as I could: Astroworld attendee recounts her anguish 2:41 What happened at the concert

On Sunday, November 14, concert goers were crushed, trampled and struggled for breath as a packed crowd made their way to an outdoor stage as rapper and headliner Travis Scott began to sing.

First responders began hearing about injuries from the crowd around 9:30 p.m. and the show continued for another 40 minutes, authorities said.

Amir Vera and Rosa Flores contributed to this report