They Reveal The Last Photo Of Caroline Flack, Hours Before Her Suicide

The presenter’s best friend, Molly Grosberg, shared images of Caroline in order to remember her ‘happy and fun’.

After the tragic death of the English driver, Caroline flack , Mollie Grosberg, TV presenter and friend of Flack, shared the last photo taken to the hostess of Love island before her suicide, expressing that her wish is for everyone to remember her as she really was, “happy” and “funny.”


On February 15, it was reported that the presenter of Love island He had taken his life in his apartment, an act that according to one of his agents was due to the accusations against him, because Caroline had been sued by an ex-partner, for domestic violence.

In December 2019, Flack She was accused of assaulting her boyfriend the tennis player, Lewis Burton with a lamp, so on February 14 he was summoned to a hearing that would take place next March.

However, on Valentine’s Day it seems that he wanted to put aside the bad news and had a fun time with his friend, Mollie Grosberg

, who shared through his Instagram account a photo of Caroline in a light red robe connecting some cables to the TV with the remote control in hand.

“Our fun Valentine brought us cookies and oatmeal this year,” Mollie wrote. That same day Flack shared an image with his pet on his social networks, so the news of his death was very sudden for his relatives and followers.

Caroline flack I had just returned to the UK, after taking a vacation after giving up Love island, due to the accusations that persecuted her for assaulting her partner.

Jameela Jamil, who worked as a television presenter in the United Kingdom before starring The Good Place, He was one of the people who expressed shock at the news. “Rest in peace Caroline flack. This is fucking horrendous, ”he tweeted. While host Eamonn Holmes added: “Surprised beyond belief. That she has found peace.