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They Reveal Who Planned Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck’s Trip To Montana

While the networks continue to burn with the news of Jennifer Lopez’s meeting with her ex-fiance, Ben Affleck, in Montana, sources have finally revealed who the idea of ​​the getaway was.

“Jennifer had a great time. She is very happy with him and likes to spend time with him, ”a source told PEOPLE. So whose idea was the trip? “They both had last week off and wanted to spend time outside of Los Angeles,” added another source. “Ben suggested Montana because he has property there.”

“The trip was very pleasant [para Jennifer]”Said a source close to the situation confirming that this, gentlemen, is more than a coincidence. “She wants to spend as much time as possible with Ben to see where this is going,” another source told PEOPLE.

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Few saw the meeting of Jennifer López and Jennifer Garner’s ex coming, especially – according to sources confirmed earlier in the week – Alex Rodríguez, who until last March was still the fiancée of the Bronx Diva.

According to sources AROD is “saddened” and “in shock” at the photos of the escape of “Bennifer 2.0”.

The actors had a torrid romance with a ring and everything that resulted in at least two films plus the famous nickname “Bennifer.” But things did not finish to curdle and by 2003 love had cooled down. The couple officially said goodbye in 2004.


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