They will sentence today a Florida man who stormed the federal Capitol on January 6

They Will Sentence Today a Florida Man Who Stormed The Federal Capitol On January 6

A Florida man who stormed the United States Senate with a campaign flag of former President Donald Trump will become the first person who participated in the January 6 riots on Capitol Hill to be sentenced for a crime, in a hearing that It will help establish a benchmark for punishment in similar cases.

Prosecutors want Paul Allard Hodgkins to serve an 18-month sentence behind bars, noting in a recent request that he, “like every riot, contributed to the collective threat to democracy” after prompting lawmakers to temporarily leave the certification of Joe Biden’s victory in the election and had to take refuge from the crowds that stormed the property.

A video shows Hodgkins, 38, wearing a Trump 2020 presidential campaign shirt, with the flag on his shoulder and protective goggles around his neck inside the federal Senate. He took a selfie with a self-described shaman wearing a horned helmet and with other rioters on the dais behind him.


His sentencing hearing scheduled for Monday in Washington could set a standard for punishments for hundreds of defendants while deciding whether to accept plea bargains or go to trial. Hodgkins and others are charged with felonies but have not been indicted for their involvement in broader conspiracies.

An attorney for Hodgkins, who pleaded guilty last month to one count of obstruction of official proceeding, asked District Judge Randolph Moss not to impose a prison sentence, noting that the shame that will accompany Hodgkins for the remainder of his life should be counted as punishment.



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