This Is How Barcelona’s Triumph Against Elche For LaLiga Was Experienced At The Camp Nou


– THERE IS NO TIME FOR MORE! Barcelona takes the victory after suffering against Elche. Jutglá, Gavi and Nico scored for Xavi’s team.

95 ‘Well, everything seems that Barcelona will finally take three points. No reaction to the visit.


92 ‘Barcelona defends with possession of the ball. Don’t risk it.

90 ‘Six more minutes will be played!

88 & # 39; Elche has fallen after Nico’s goal. Balde entered for Abde in Barcelona.

86 & # 39; Nico puts the third for the Barça team after an assist from Gavi. Xavi’s team wins 3-2 with suffering.


82 & # 39; Gavi pushes his squad in search of the third goal. Xavi asks for more intensity. Time is running out for the Blaugrana club.


78 ‘And now Eric García is yellow for knocking down Lucas Pérez.

77 & # 39; Gerard Gumbau takes the yellow for a foul against Dembélé.

76 ‘And now De Jong is leaving and Riqui Puig enters.

74 & # 39; BARCELONA HAD IT! Nico’s shot that Palacios pulls out of line after a bad start from Badía. Subsequently, the goalkeeper keeps the ball. Spend the scare in Elche.

71 & # 39; Jutglá left and Nico enters. Xavi’s first variant.

70 ‘And now Barça is very nervous. All the security he offered with the ball has vanished.

67 & # 39; Xavi encourages his players from the bench. The fans are quiet in the stands. And Elche wants to take advantage of another error to strike.

Pere Milla makes it 2-2 at the Camp Nou after connecting a header from the right. The visit has silenced the Barça field.


62 & # 39; Great counterattack from Elche that Boyé starts and ends in Tete Morente’s boots, who shoots Ter Stegen’s goal and puts the discount. There is a game at Camp Nou 2-1.


58 & # 39; Left-footed by Jutglá that Badía saves. The youth squad insists on his double.

56 & # 39; Alba throws the wall with Araujo, but Diego González comes out from Chile. At Barça, the Uruguayan defender is already encouraged to attack.

54 & # 39; Abde good technique at the time of centering from the right, but none of his teammates came to connect.

52 & # 39; ANSWER BARCELONA! Short corner, touch for Gavi and shot with a thread looking for the long stick that goes out a little.

50 ‘Well, the visit has already had them to tie. For now luck is on Barcelona’s side.

48 & # 39; THE ELCHE FAILS AGAIN! Alba is wrong with a header that falls short and becomes a gift for Lucas Pérez, who crosses excessively in the hand-to-hand with Ter Stegen.

47 & # 39; FORGIVE THE ELCHE! Tete Morente’s low cross at the near post and shot by Boyé, totally alone, who came out softly into the hands of Ter Stegen.

46 & # 39; Elche made changes: Tete Morente and Gumbau enter and Josan and Marcone remain in the dressing room.


– TO REST! Barcelona defeats Elche with goals from the young Jutglá and GAvi. Great game so far in the Blaugrana temple.

45 ‘Well, apparently there will be no discount in this first part.

44 & # 39; UUUFFFF! Pass to the gap for the entrance of Abde, hold on, put it back flat and Gavi’s shot is blocked by a defender from Elche when the third was already called.

42 & # 39; Lenglet arrives to close Boyé’s exit and for this he goes very far from his area. The slogan to tighten is clear.

40 & # 39; Great long ball by Araujo for the surprise entry of Alba, who fails to control inside the area.

38 & # 39; The meeting has become shaky after the goals of Barcelona. Elche wants the discount before the break.

36 & # 39; EYE! Elche handles the ball well, but allows a lot of space in his own field when he decides to attack.

34 & # 39; UUUYYY! Abde’s auction that goes just above the Bay cabin.

32 ‘Barça insists, finding spaces to combine quite easily.

30 ‘First half hour of the game and Barcelona wins it thanks to the youngsters Jutglá and Gavi.

29 & # 39; Dembélé shines on the right when he has an open field. It seems that the annoyances disappeared for the ‘Mosquito’.

27 & # 39; CLOSE! Jutglá’s cross shot, who was looking for his second goal, but Badía saves. The Barça squad had it.

25 & # 39; WHAT ENZO ROCO JUST FAILED! Elche takes out quickly, Barça is asleep, controls the center-back with his chest, and with everything in favor to shoot Ter Stegen, he sends her to the clouds.

23 & # 39; Boyé left and receives a clear foul in the three-quarter area of ​​Lenglet. Elche asked for a card, but Alberola kept them for the moment.

21 & # 39; Unleashed Barça, which was released after the first goal of the game. Delicate minutes for Elche.

19 & # 39; Gavi scores the second goal for Barcelona after a tremendous individual play. The midfielder controlled, removed several marks and hit him from outside the area to make it 2-0.


17 & # 39; The debutant Ferran Jutglá makes his debut in LaLiga and scores 1-0 for Barcelona after connecting with a header from the corner launched by Dembélé.


15 & # 39; Corner for Barcelon. We continue 0-0 at the Camp Nou.

14 & # 39; Good pass from Dembélé to Jutglá, but the youth squad fails in control. Good feelings left by the young forward.

12 & # 39; Abde is late and the foul on Josan is hard. It does not seem that it is going to more than the simple infraction.

10 & # 39; The visit begins to take possession and tries to leave from behind.

8 ‘Dangerous against Elche and Lenglet cuts very well.

6 & # 39; Long ball that was looking for Dembélé, but the French did not arrive and the goalkeeper took it.

5 & ​​# 39; Domain of the local team, which is quickly looking for the opposing goal.

2 ‘He had scored Jutglá, but offside. The play was reviewed by the VAR.

1 ‘He comes out playing Barcelona in the rival field. Dembélé pulled from the right.

– THE MATCH STARTED! Barcelona meets Elche for matchday 18 of Spanish football.

Xavi Hernández makes his debut for another promise from the subsidiary such as Ferran Jutglá, a young 22-year-old forward who will be in charge alongside Abde and Dembélé

Confirmed lineups

FC Barcelona: Ter Stegen, Araujo, Lenglet, Eric García, Jordi Alba; Busquets, De Jong, Gavi; Ez Abde, Dembélé and Ferran Jutglá.

Elche: Edgar Badia; Palacios, Enzo Roco, Diego González, Mojica; Omar Mascarell, Marcone, Josan, Fidel; Lucas Pérez and Lucas Boyé.

Hours: 11:30 AM in Honduras.

Transmission: Sky Sports.