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This Is How Britney Spears Celebrates Her 39th Birthday, Alongside Sam Asghari

The ‘Princess of Pop’ is celebrating with her boyfriend and to share all her happiness with her followers, she delighted with a very ad hoc song to the moment she lives.

Britney Spears He is celebrating and, although he had several festivities in advance, it is today December 2 that he is celebrating his 39th birthday, within the framework of a few months in which the legal battle to prevent his father from having his legal custody, which ended in a setback, and various theories of unhappiness have it in the spotlight.

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Through social networks Britney shares on several occasions how her day is going and precisely it has been in some videos that she published, in which her followers have wanted to insist that she has sent warning signals and that she was practically kidnapped by her legal guardians, although on more than one occasion the interpreter of Womanizer

has come out to say that it is not.

Today to celebrate in all his glory that he is in his last year in his 30s, he wanted to share his happiness by publishing a new video in which he appears singing a very ad hoc for the moment you are living. It was her boyfriend Sam asghari, who posted the pictures of her singing Happy Birthday.

In the video you can see the happy couple, while using the filter with kitten ears and nose. Britney sings cheerfully, “Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me!”, until Asghari He interrupts her to say: “Ok baby, we got it, it’s your birthday, we’ve been celebrating for a month now, we’re going to get over it”, to which she responds with a loud, “no!”

But that was not all, to accompany the moment and in the most tender way possible, Sam dedicated a meaning post to Princess of pop in his day, through his official Instagram account: “Congratulations to my lioness, we have been in a constant celebration and we will continue to do so until the end of the year, let’s start eating cake.”

The clip, which lasts just over 10 seconds, is no surprise, it went viral immediately, with the reactions of the followers of Spears, who are always very aware of their publications and although now everything arose from her boyfriend’s account, it is enough for her to appear for him to post achieve immediate success.

But that was not all, the lover’s boyfriend Britney surprised her since midnight, as revealed through her Insta Stories, in which he published that to pamper the singer, he brought her a cake adorned with yellow flowers, her favorites, as well as balloons that were part of the beautiful setting, as well as the message: “Happy birthday to the queen!”

Despite the hard times he has had to face this year, it seems that Spears He is very happy with his most recent partner with whom he began dating since 2016 and who has been part of the most complicated moments for the artist, it was even he who launched the hashtag #FreeBritney.

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