This is how Gabriel Soto cares for his daughters, isolated in Acapulco by the Coronavirus

After the strong contingency measures that are being taken worldwide against the Coronavirus, Gabriel Soto he has put himself safely with the best company he can have: his two daughters Elissa Y Miranda. From the passivity of his residence in Acapulco, the 44-year-old histrion spoke with the morning Wake up America (Univision) about the health measures that he is taking with his little ones to avoid the spread of the outbreak that has put humanity in check.

Gabriel Soto and his daughters

“We are here from Acapulco, following all precautionary measures and taking care of ourselves as much as possible. Put emphasis on staying at home and thank God, I am blessed to have my house here in Acapulco and we are a little bit with the air and we must find measures to exercise, cook, be with family, “he said.

Also, the actor commented on the way he approaches the issue with his daughters who are 11 and 6 years old. “Elissa, the oldest, who is in pajamas, is more aware of what is happening and to Miranda, the youngest, making her understand that we are really experiencing a crisis, a very complicated and very delicate pandemic and obviously that, wash your hands , do not touch your face, I repeat, try to have all the security measures and above all, exhort people to stay home […]”, he pointed.

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A few days ago, Soto published images on his networks of his beach stay with his princesses and pets. Regarding his current girlfriend, Irina Baeva, the soap opera protagonist stated that he is not with the Russian actress at the moment.

“Irina is elsewhere, but she is also carrying all her necessary security measures and we will be together soon,” he stressed.

As reported by various media, the girls would be spending these days with their father because Geraldine Bazán He continues to meet his work schedule, so he would have asked his ex-husband to take care of the girls while they finish their commitments.

As we will remember, Bazán and Soto had some differences after their divorce, which seem to be partially overcome. It should be noted that both maintain good agreements for their daughters regarding the possession of the two minors.