This Is How Julio Momia Gómez Looks In LBM: Unrecognizable And Overweight PHOTO – Latest Breaking News

What happened to the boy hero of the World Double Championship? We all remember Julio “Momia” Gómez as one of the great figures of Mexico who conquered the U-17 World Cup in 2011, especially for that Semifinal match against Germany in which he ended up bloody and with a bandage on his head, but author of a Chilean.

Well, the years passed and they did not treat the Mummy very gently, both physically and in his career, since being a national promise he ended up in oblivion and today he plays in the Mexican Football League with Real San José, in which It is directed by Raúl Gutiérrez, the World Cup Champion coach at the Azteca Stadium.

What happened to Julio ‘Momia’ Gómez?


After the title with the Tricolor, Gómez was seen as one of the great bets of the Pachuca quarry, but professionally he was never someone relevant and his wandering through Mexican football led him this 2020 to the first season in the history of the LBM.

Real San José won the right to play the first game of the Football League after winning the friendly Por Ti Tournament. There the Mummy appeared as a starter and with the 10 shirt, but with obvious overweight that at times forced him to stop on the court to breathe in.

This is how the Gómez Mummy looks at the LBM This is how the Mummy was born in the U-17 World Cup



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