This Is How Memo Del Bosque Celebrated His Birthday After Beating Cancer

The producer celebrated another year of life and thanked God and his family for allowing him to reach the date after a new battle against the disease.

Forest Memo celebrated one of his most significant birthdays, after having undergone a bone marrow transplant to eradicate hodgkin lymphoma a few weeks ago the television producer said he was clean of this disease.


Forest He shared on his Instagram account a photograph next to his birthday cake decorated with details of the Dallas Cowboys, his favorite football team, and at the bottom of the picture he thanked for having a second chance to live.

“Thank you to all the people who made possible with your prayers that today I am enjoying another year of life, to God for his miracle and to give me another chance, to my children, Vica, friends and all my family,” wrote the producer.

There were several characters from the world of entertainment in Mexico who reacted to the publication of Forest, among them were Inés Gómez Mont, Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubín, who sent their best wishes to the producer.

For its part Vica Andrade He expressed on his social networks: “We continue to celebrate life, today for your birthday Memo, because we have a God who can do everything, supernatural, that all he wants is to love us and that we be one with him.”

“And the prayer of faith will save the sick and the Lord will raise him. James 5:15; infinite thanks for your prayer, thanks comadrita for the photo, for all your support and unconditional love always. He added on his Instagram profile.

Last year Forest Memo He fought a battle against cancer again, for which he had to spend more than 30 days in hospital.

While receiving chemotherapy, Forest He went through a critical health situation when a bacterium slipped into his catheter and even revealed in an interview for the Hoy program that he “left” three times.

“There were three times when I left, on the first I remember that I told them that I felt bad and apparently I left like 10 minutes unconscious; The second time I don’t remember when I left. A third (time) already in Intensive therapy, there Vica was taken out of the room and said: ‘Then start praying, see how the night goes by or if it happens’. That’s how critical everything was, ”he explained.

After the complicated days that passed, Memo expressed his happiness after getting rid of the disease.