This Is How Michael Jackson's "girlfriend" Looks Today In The Video "Thriller" | El Salvador News

Ola Ray, the protagonist of the historic 1983 video clip, still retains its beauty and charm. Away from the spotlight and become a grandmother, she lives loving her family, talking with her friends and remembering her youth.

"Thriller", the music video created to promote the song of the same name by the American artist Michael Jackson, is one of the most watched in the history of music and pop culture. When it was released, almost 36 years ago on the MTV channel, nobody imagined that it would be forever recorded in the memory of millions of viewers.

For many it is not a simple video clip, but a short film, since its duration is 14 minutes and it was shot in 35 mm format.


The audience was amazed at the story presented by the audiovisual, which featured a legion of the walking dead and a couple of young lovers, which were played by Michael Jackson and the model and actress Ola Ray.

The exmodel in one of the "Thriller" scenes. Photo EDH / Photocapture

The story of the "king of pop" already knows what it ended, but very little is known about Ola's life.

To embody the girl who was Michael's girlfriend, Jennifer Beals, the protagonist of “Flashdance” was initially thought, but the actress rejected the proposal. The singer then put his eyes on Ola, a young and attractive model and actress who was a Playboy bunny in the June 1980 edition.

One of the most recent images of the Ray Ray. EDH / Instagram photo

The career of this exactriz and American exmodel practically began and ended with that video. After his appearance in him, his career continued with small roles, despite the success of "Thriller."

Ola was 22 years old when he shot the historic video, he is currently 59 and has his residence in Sacramento, California. His only daughter, 23, is called Iam. He has two grandchildren.

Playboy's ex-girlfriend still retains her charisma. EDH / Instagram photo

It was until 2017 that she returned to have notoriety, when she opened her Instagram account, where she has surprised with her enviable physical appearance.

In his life there have been no incidents, including an accusation of possession of cocaine and a lawsuit against the family of Michael Jackson, as he claimed part of the benefits derived from the historic music video of the 80s directed by John Landis.

Ola participates in some events. He currently has two grandchildren. EDH / Instagram photo

Now, Ola boasts in that social network his way through some red carpets and some aspects of his life, including his role as a grandmother.