This Is How Relations Between The European Union And Latin America Are

This Is How Relations Between The European Union And Latin America Are

The European Union (EU) recognized that it has not given Latin America and the Caribbean the necessary strategic attention, for which it intends to relaunch relations between the two blocs in quantitative and qualitative terms.

“We have realized that there is a lot of potential that we are not taking advantage of,” said Jonathan Hatwell, head of the Division for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean of the European External Action Service (EEAS).

One of the proposed works is to relaunch the bi-regional summit of heads of state and government with the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean (EU-Celac), which has not been held since 2015. This will be held during the Spanish presidency of the European Union in the second half of 2023.


“We want there to be concrete results in terms of political commitments, at the commercial level, cooperation on the green transition, climate change… We know that this region is extremely vulnerable and affected,” Hatwell said.

On October 27, the first bi-regional ministerial meeting between the foreign ministers of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) and the European Union will be held in Argentina, which has not been held since 2018.

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“That is going to be an important step in what we are calling the road to 2023”, Jonathan Hatwell, who is in the Dominican Republic on a visit to the Dominican-Haitian border to learn about the joint projects between the country and Haiti.

Hatwell said that the European Union “has always considered” Latin America and the Caribbean as a region with which democratic values ​​and defense of human rights are shared, although he acknowledged that there are challenges in both blocs that still need to be overcome. .

“We have very strong historical, cultural, but also economic ties,” added Jonathan Hatwell.

Following China’s emergence as a new economic and political power, it has gained influence in the region through investment and trade relations. “In addition to trade flows, China is intensifying its diplomatic and political relations with the governments of Latin American countries,” reads an article in the Cepal Magazine December 2021.

On China’s influence in the region, Hatwell pointed out that, in the current geopolitical context, it is important to have a diversified range of economic relations. “You see the difficulties that can arise when a country, a continent, becomes too dependent on a single partner,” added the European official.

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Jonathan Hatwell pointed out that the Dominican Republic is the main partner of the European Union in the Caribbean, with which they share common values. “It is a particularly purposeful country. This has been expressed in the support that your country has given to Ukraine, to the defense of its sovereignty and its territorial integrity,” he added.

“We consider the Dominican Republic a democratic country that values, defends and protects human rights. Also in terms of trade relations it is the most important economy in the Caribbean. We have a very dynamic economic relationship that we value and we also have our cooperative relationship, although the portfolio has been reduced a little in recent years has been very significant,” he explained.

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