This Is “the Photo” And The Message That Will Prove The Romance Of Natalia Barulich And Neymar Jr.

Neymar turned his birthday and as expected, he celebrated big time, surrounded by his family and friends, and among them there was a very special friend who did not go unnoticed at all among his guests.

Although Natalia Barulich On several occasions he has shown his determination to say that the player is his friend, there are images that show that in reality, among them, there will be something much more serious. Related News No one knows yet why both the model and the athlete try to deny something that is obvious to many, as it is clear that their relationship goes far beyond a friendship.

Since Natalia ended her engagement with singer Maluma, many people talked about the possibility of a reconciliation between the two celebrities. But things happened differently, because the reggaeton seems to have found a clone of the dancer, Vivien Rubin, with whom she will have something. Meanwhile, by his side, Barulich

, Who seemed to have no desire to have a partner, or friends, or anything, found Neymar Jr., or perhaps it was he who found her.


And now, some photographs of both have appeared that speak. These are some postcards left by the birthday of the striker of Pars Saint-Germain.

In them they are seen very together and happy, “Partner in crime”, says the fubtolist and the dancer responds with a “I love you”, Could there be any more obvious proof of your romance?